Intellectsoft, Ltd. Resumes The Year Of 2010

A London-based software development company, Intellectsoft, Ltd. builds on the important achievements of 2010 and defines the goals for the next year.

London, UK. Intellectsoft, Ltd., a world leading developer of custom mobile applications, kicks off the new financial year with a positive update on the achievements of 2010. The company experienced unprecedented demand for its products and services resulting in sustainable expansion and the opening of two further branches.

The year of 2010 was as hectic, as it was progressive. The extreme acceleration of mobile progress urged software development companies to extend their competences and refuse pretentious applications. The market competition was continuously raising the bar causing software products to become more sophisticated. Intellectsoft, Ltd., was up to the challenge and thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation maintains its position as a market leader. Headquartered in London, the company has grown UK based staff by 60% and opened three new branches - in Frankfurt, San Jose and Minsk.

Commenting on the company's expansion, Ivan Sivukha, Managing Director, stated: "Intellectsoft, Ltd. performed excellently in 2010, with stable revenues and a strong growth in pre-tax profit. We successfully delivered 46 key projects, and we are proud to be benefiting from strong demand for the software development services we provide. Opening three more offices prepares us for our robust and expanding order book and brings on board exciting new personnel that complement our innovative teams of designers and developers".

In the past year Intellectsoft, Ltd. has expanded its support for new and diversified platforms and in anticipation of the release of Windows Phone 7, became one of the first developers approved by the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Ivan Sivukha continued: "Conditions in our sector remain challenging, but the outlook for Intellectsoft is extremely positive. We are concentrating on fortifying our positions in the new markets whilst emphasising our premium-quality mobile development services in the established markets". The number of world brands continues to grow and now includes Guinness, Clinique, Oxford University Press, NHS, Blue Systems, Wipro, Capital Accumulation Ltd., Percy & Reed and Holiday Inn, amongst others.

To learn more about Intellectsoft, Ltd., its products and solutions please go to if you are in Europe, and if your business is in the USA or Canada.


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