InteliChart Tops Black Book 2024 Survey for Best Client Experience in Patient Engagement Platforms, Second Consecutive Year

Black Book Research has announced the leading platform vendors, as rated by customers, in the areas of patient engagement and consumer outreach solutions. These top-rated vendors offer innovative capabilities in scheduling, intake, and notifications. The comprehensive six-month user polls encompassed twenty technology competitors, all of which provide advanced tools for optimized collaboration and communication workflows.

A total of 5,698 health system executives, physicians, clinicians, and IT specialists from over 3,000 different providers, hospitals, health systems, medical groups, clinics, and outpatient facilities took part in the 2024 survey assessing user satisfaction with patient engagement solutions.

InteliChart, for a second consecutive year, achieved top user scores in 13 out of 18 key performance indicators (KPIs), excelling notably in areas such as strategic alignment with client goals, innovation and optimization, training, scalability, client relationships and cultural fit, trust, accountability, transparency, and ethics. The company also stood out in customization, data security and patient privacy, customer service, and best-of-breed technology and process improvement.

According to the survey, 59% of IT leaders in healthcare systems reported that their organizations are actively pursuing the implementation or replacement of existing patient engagement tools. Their goal is to enhance and broaden their offerings to benefit healthcare consumers, with the aim of achieving these improvements by the fourth quarter of 2024.

The comprehensive survey methodology, along with the complete rankings of healthcare IT and services vendors, is available on Black Book's website at

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Black Book Market Research LLC offers insights into technology solutions and comprehensive comparison data for healthcare IT users, media, investors, analysts, quality-focused vendors, and prospective buyers. As the largest user opinion poll in healthcare IT, Black Book™ annually collects over two and a half million viewpoints on IT and outsourced services vendor performance. With over 18 years of expertise, Black Book is internationally recognized for customer satisfaction and loyalty polling in technology, medical equipment, services, and outsourcing industries. Black Book’s founders, management, and staff have no financial interest in any surveyed vendors, including InteliChart. The results of their satisfaction and client experience rankings are published and shared with the media before vendors are notified.

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Source: Black Book Research