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Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. (ITI®) announces its sponsorship of the Natural Medicine Journal (NMJ) as well as the Drug and Nutrient Interactions and Depletions database, both vital tools for healthcare practitioners.

Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. (ITI®) is a major sponsor for the new Natural Medicine Journal (NMJ), a valuable online resource reaching over one hundred thousand healthcare practitioners. NMJ is also the official journal of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP).

ITI is proud to support the NMJ all-inclusive site that provides scientifically-valid information for a broad audience of healthcare professionals. Developed to be a go-to source for questions, answers and up-to-the-minute research, NMJ will act as an educational tool for naturopathic physicians, medical doctors, chiropractors, pharmacists, nurses and acupuncturists, as well as teachers and students of integrative medicine.

Spearheaded by the hard work and collaboration of, AANP Executive Director, Karen Howard, Publisher/Managing Editor, Karolyn A. Gazella, and Senior Medical Editor, Tina Kaczor, ND, FABNO, the Natural Medicine Journal is a revolutionary new e-journal. The content-rich web site features new information monthly including nutraceutical profiles, treatment protocols, literature reviews, original research and more.

The Natural Medicine Journal has a twofold goal - to become the leading online destination for natural healthcare research and knowledge, and help create community among medical professionals. With its clinically relevant, respected content and strong collaboration among key integrative medicine organizations, the NMJ will help foster communication among those in the field of natural and integrative medicine.

Integrative Therapeutics is also sponsoring the Drug and Nutrient Interactions and Depletions database on the NMJ site. This is an invaluable clinical tool for a broad range of healthcare practitioners and includes contributors from more than 100 eminent academic institutions.

ITI welcomes the opportunity to partner with the AANP and the Natural Medicine Journal. This partnership reflects a shared mission to provide cutting-edge knowledge for healthcare practitioners across disciplines and promote the future of natural medicine research.

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