Integrated Pain Consultants Announced their Service on 3 Locations

Dr. Nikesh Seth, CEO of Integrated Pain Consultants, has started offering pain-free treatments for people suffering from chronic pain in three locations Scottsdale, Mesa, and Phoenix

Dr. Nikesh Seth

The well-renowned Integrated Pain Consultant, Dr. Seth, now opens offices in three locations - Scottsdale, Mesa, and Phoenix, offering pain-free treatments for people suffering from chronic pain. It's truly a relief for people whose chronic pain remains a mystery and for those who have tried every possible traditional treatment but all in vain. Modern problems require modern solutions, and that's where Integrated Pain Consultants come into the picture.

The primary goal of Dr. Nikesh Seth, as an Integrated Pain Consultant, is to ease, reduce, relieve, and manage chronic pain by offering various treatments and techniques customized as per the history and severity of your pain. The good news is, the approach does not rely on medication.

The team of medical professionals can be trusted to treat chronic pain.

The Integrated Pain Consultants are medical professionals. They may be one of the top health care professionals with certification and training on Integrated Pain management treatments:

· Anesthesiologists

· Physical therapists

· Nurses

· Psychologists and psychiatrists

What is expected from treatments for healing chronic pain? 

The process that a patient goes through treating their chronic pain with an Integrated Pain Consultant like Dr. Nikesh Seth is simple yet effective. 

Step # 1: Physical Examination:

The first and foremost thing that the Integrated Pain Consultant does is to perform a thorough physical examination. During this session, they speak patiently with the patient to know their past medical history. Dr. Nikesh Seth's reviews on the internet showcase a systematic collection of data from patients which helps him come up with a comprehensive treatment plan for his patients.

Step # 2: Past Treatments

Patients need to share all the treatments undergone in the past with the Integrated Pain Consultant. This would even include treatments other than medication like massages, acupuncture, herbal remedies, and so on.

Step # 3: Tests

Integrated Pain Consultant will then order imaging or additional tests to confirm the underlying theories to know the root cause of the patient's pain. Based on this the next course of action for treatment is formulated. The result enables the team to design and offer custom-made treatment plans monitored by consultants

Step # 4: Treatment

Treatment on the suggested plan of action that is unique to each patient is then implemented. The patient's full participation in the treatment is essential for a successful outcome.


Dr. Nikesh Seth at Integrated Pain Consultants wants to offer this pain-free treatment to as many people as possible, and hence, the opening of offices in three locations is surely going to be a boon to many.

Source: Integrated Pain Consultants


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