Integrate Index Identifies Data Quality as Key Challenge for B2B Marketers

Analysis found that 40 percent of B2B technology generated leads contained invalid, incomplete or duplicate data

Integrate, a cloud-based marketing software provider that standardizes and automates demand generation, today released the findings of its first Data Index, examining the data quality of more than 775,000 leads generated for B2B marketers in the technology industry in 2014. According to prospect data processed by Integrate’s data governance software, 40 percent of leads generated for marketing clients, on average, did not meet marketers’ criteria or contained invalid, incomplete or duplicate data.

This Data Index amplifies the challenge that marketers face in acquiring clean, accurate data via marketing programs. It also highlights the enormous roadblock “dirty data” can create if it is not governed before being delivered into marketing nurture tracks or passed to sales for follow-up.

“Dirty data is the silent killer of marketing campaigns,” says Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing. “It makes you look bad, depresses the impact of great content and offers, and can put your brand, reputation and domain at risk (or worse). Ignore this report and its implications for your business at your peril.”

Findings from the Integrate Data Index include:

  • Duplicate data (15 percent), invalid values/ranges (10 percent) and missing fields (8 percent) are the most prevalent data quality issues.
  • Invalid formatting, failed email validation and failed address validation are less common errors, but are more difficult to remedy; additionally, they are significant when combined – affecting dispositions from 5 percent in SMB, 10 percent in enterprise and 7 percent in the media company category.
  • Had the media companies analyzed not been using data governance software, they would have needed to manually catch and correct a combined 313,890 prospect data errors.
  • With average B2B lead prices at over $50, these failed email and address validation issues would translate into more than $2.5 million in wasted media spend.

“As marketing becomes increasingly data-driven, it’s time for marketers to make data quality a top priority,” said Scott Vaughan, CMO of Integrate. “Integrate’s analysis clearly shows that marketers are generating a large portion of poor quality leads, including those with improper formatting and even inaccuracies. Bad prospect information can have negative consequences, including wasted media investment, squandered resources and poor customer experience, which marketers simply can’t afford.”

To learn more about Integrate’s prospect data quality research, download the Data Quality Index here.

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Integrate is a cloud-based marketing software provider, standardizing and automating demand generation. Integrate’s platform empowers marketers to efficiently acquire more customers from third-party media and offline data providers. The end-to-end solution automates manual tasks to streamline workflow, governs prospect data to ensure accuracy and completeness, and directly injects data into marketing and sales systems, including Oracle Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Salesforce and Pardot. Closed-loop integrations and analytics enable marketers to measure ROI and optimize programs in real-time. Visit Integrate at or follow @Integrate to learn why thousands of companies are using the Integrate platform.


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