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Based in Michigan, Intagent exists to help both established and budding real estate, to succeed by giving them online exposure. Intagent starts by evaluating the needs and demands of real estate businesses and then develops high-quality web design and promotion strategies to help these businesses reap returns on their invested capital. The company guarantees priority and commitment to those customers who use its services. Knowing that their clients have varying budgets, Intagent provides flexible payment packages.

With regards to the important basics of any realtor website, the Sales Executive, said, "Home buyers and sellers frequently come to your site, searching for valuable information regarding the local property market. You can take advantage of this information in the form of blog posts, engaging videos and frequently asked questions (FAQs). When doing this, don't focus on keyword stuffing. Instead, focus on making your pages more informative and captivating with the latest trends, news, and insights related to your niche. Moreover, tease some of your blogs on the home page. It will alert your visitors about your capability other than driving more traffic to these web pages. Do this and see your business grow on a daily basis."

The property web design is more beneficial to members of Intagent. As a member, one can create an unlimited number of single property websites. The websites are an excellent way of marketing listings individually. A single property website is ideal for realtors with printed flyers about their new listing. A single property website is the best match for any brochure. The other benefit of single property sites is that they help to create a buzz about a business online. When people see the property on the web, it triggers them to view more listings related to the same business. The real estate information placed on that website makes it possible to link the audience back to the main website.

The Sales Executive went on, "Many companies usually charge a lot to design a real estate website. And they even charge you more for the freedom to control agent profiles, allow agents to upload listings to your site, include advanced features such as drip emails and CRM. We at Intagent don't do that despite the fact that we create the best realtor websites. Instead, we give a solid system with everything you desire at a low monthly fee. Don't expect hidden charges from Intagent. And we guarantee you we'll keep it that way. We continually research and develop new tools, and you can be certain that our websites come with the most advanced marketing tools in the real estate sector. We also have tools to help you keep in touch with your customers effortlessly."

Most realtors are looking for affordable real estate website design cost, and that's exactly what Intagent offers. Unlike other web design agencies that may charge for additional features such as blogs, drip emails, and CRM, Intagent charges a flat rate depending on the package. They charge $29.95 a month for design pro websites, $300 for an executive package and $595 plus $29.95 a month for semi-custom websites.

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The company makes eye-catching websites for real estate agents. These websites have advanced tools to help attract and manage customers. They aim at providing the most advanced and user-friendly real estate websites with easy navigation.

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