Insurance Risk Services of Georgia (IRSG) Ranks Tow Atlanta as One of the Best Towing Companies in the United States

Tow Atlanta has been branded as the most technologically advanced towing company in the United States. Their custom equipment helps them complete tasks that no other tow provider can complete.

Tow Atlanta Answering Technical Questions

Insurance Risk Services of Georgia (IRSG) Ranks Tow Atlanta as One of the Best Towing Companies in the United States. Tow Atlanta has also been voted Atlanta's Best Towing Service for the last four consecutive years. They are an industry leader, constantly finding ways to improve the Towing Industry with their unique, customized towing equipment like the zero-degree load angle truck that lays flat on the ground and TARVA Machine that carries a vehicle out of a parking garage or other tight areas. Their equipment, abilities and expertise are unique and unparalleled.

Due to their expertise and unique equipment, Tow Atlanta has become of the top tow providers in the United States. They provide Emergency Roadside Towing for any vehicle in need, but specialize in the towing of luxury, exotic, and antique vehicles. Tow Atlanta has been identified multiple times by the Insurance Industry as the best company to use for towing unique, high-value specialty automobiles that include the James Bond1964 DB5 Aston Martin, 1935 Duesenberg SSJ and a 1956 Aston Martin DBR1 (three vehicles towed with an insured value over $55,000,000).

Tow Atlanta has been branded as the most technologically advanced towing company in the United States. Their custom equipment helps them complete tasks that no other tow provider can complete. All their trucks have a six-camera video system that records the loading/unloading of the vehicles into the cloud, providing documentation available when needed. All trucks possess manufacturer specialty equipment that is used for Luxury, Exotic, and specialty vehicles. They use eight-point tie-downs, customized straps, and drivers possess manufacturer training with National TRAA Certification. With their approach of specialized attention to detail, they are the only towing company in Georgia that meets all insurance recommendations and requirements needed to possess the high on-hook/cargo insurance coverage for vehicles that are valued at more than $150,000. 

Because of Tow Atlanta's stellar reputation in the towing industry, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and other New York City officials had Tow Atlanta come to the Big Apple in November 2020 to demonstrate their TARVA machine and provide consultation to the NYPD to help them come up with a plan to resolve problematic issues. The NYPD was looking at the possibility of using a parking garage with a 6'2" clearance as the new police tow impound facility.

Although Tow Atlanta does not perform vehicle impounding or police towing, the Insurance Industry considers them the leading experts in the Automotive Towing Industry. They have the training and skills needed in dealing with unique, complex/complicated situations due to their specialized equipment and expertise. With the City of New York requesting their expert advice, Tow Atlanta has again proved why their reputation and expertise make them one of the Best Towing Companies in the United States.

The TARVA Machine is manufactured in Italy under the Eastract name. It has been in use throughout Europe for 10 years. It can carry a vehicle out of tight, confined, low-ceiling parking garages by picking the vehicle up by all four-wheels without needing keys or having to place the vehicle into neutral. With the advancements in automotive technology and the new electric vehicles not capable of shifting into neutral, this technology has already been identified by European Automakers as the future for damage-free towing. This unique machine has been engineered to pick-up a vehicle and carry it onto a truck and then drive away without having to unload until reaching the final destination. According to Eastract North America, the Eastract Machine will be available for purchase in the United States in April 2021. 

Insurance Risk Services of Georgia

Source: Insurance Risk Services of Georgia (IRSG)


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