Instrument Recovery Systems Inc. Announces Acquisition of Broad US Patent Protection

Instrument Recovery Systems Inc. announced that it has acquired broad US Patent protection for systems to recover lost, stolen or improperly relocated moveable items.

The protection covers the combination of GPS and inertial sensing / navigation (INS) along with the use of  broadly defined communication channels. In addition, there is the ability to defeat the operability of the host equipment in the event of tampering.

This powerful geographic location capability combined with unrestricted communication options has vast application potential in the exploding IoT and IIoT environments.

About Instrument Recovery Systems Inc.

The inventors formed Instrument Recovery Systems Inc. with the intention of offering  this technology to an organization with the resources to fully develop the technology to their specific applications.

For more information, please visit: http://www.instrumentrecoverysystems

Source: Instrument Recovery Systems Inc.


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