Instant Sponsor Will Expand Sponsorship Opportunities for Brands for Sports Teams and Venues Globally

How Instant Sponsor will change the game of sports advertising and sponsorships

Instant Sponsor

Instant Sponsor will become the top company for sports sponsorships in 2018 and beyond. The company has announced that they will be expanding sponsorship opportunities for brands to advertise for professional sports teams and their venues around the globe.

Previously, Instant Sponsor worked with several professional sports teams (including franchises from the MLB, NBA, and NFL) as well as multiple athletes from both the PGA and European Golf Tours as well as the ATP and WTA Tennis Tours.

Businesses, from large corporations to mom-and-pop shops, have benefited from Instant Sponsor’s short-term sports sponsorship deals. And it’s only a matter of time before all businesses turn to this company to promote their product or service.

So, the real question is, who is Instant Sponsor?

Instant Sponsor creates strong and affordable advertising campaigns that will be featured during prime-time NBA, MLB, ATP & WTA tennis and PGA Tour events. The company has developed a proprietary, algorithm-based platform that allows business to purchase real-time advertising opportunities that are both demographic and region- specific.

The integrated system incorporates industry-leading tools and ROI metrics into a vast catalogue of available inventory of sponsorship space across numerous venues or people in sports and entertainment.

Instant Sponsor does not limit an advertising campaign to one professional team, one venue, or one professional athlete. Instead, Instant Sponsor will place any given brand in front of multiple markets in different locations for a fraction of the cost. Creating the biggest bang for the least buck.

Going through a franchise’s front office to buy ad space is an elongated process that consumes precious time. Businesses can now find their brand featured in three to four different stadiums in the time it takes to go the traditional route. Instant Sponsor has become a trailblazer in the advertising business by bringing open advertising space to businesses with just the click of a button.

Instant Sponsor’s advertising campaigns provide one-click contracts, which makes it simple for brands to get their name on the biggest stage as efficiently as possible. These short-term advertising solutions can turn a small investment into incredible exposure after just one event.

Instant Sponsor is the only website designed to build an advertising campaign to fit a company’s target audience. Along with their patented proprietary algorithm, Instant Sponsor has a trained staff that will guide a business to the most profitable advertising campaigns available under a set budget.

In 2018, businesses will stop wasting time on advertising that brings zero exposure and revenue to their company. They will be better suited to utilize Instant Sponsor as the company that will put their business on sports biggest stage for less.

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