Installing Doors is Now Faster and Easier: EXPR Door Install Kits - No Shimming Needed

New door installation kits help builders install doors without the hassles of shimming

Door Install Kit has just launched their new EXPR Door Installations Kits, which contain a unique patented (and patent pending) bracket system used for easy and hassle-free installation of pre-hung doors. With the kit, doors can be installed accurately in as little as four minutes without the hard work of shimming. The product has found its place among professional builders.

“We develop products to speed things up and reduce your costs,” says Michele, head of sales at “With this new EXPR Door Installation Kit, builders can beat their competition by using our fast and easy-to-use bracket system for perfectly installing doors five times faster and ten times easier and more accurately than shimming.”

The unique patented and patent pending design allows the installation brackets to secure both the front and back of the door jamb/frame to the wall. This “sandwiching” effect provides the strongest possible door installation — 2-3x stronger than other methods. The brackets stay in the wall and are hidden under the door trim after installation. Also, all the fastening is done to the outside of the door’s frame, so there are no nail holes to patch after the install. The kit works on both exterior or interior doors, as well as either single or double doors. Each kit contains six brackets and all the required screws to do one complete door installation. Also available is a 10-door kit for exterior or interior doors, which includes 60 brackets and all the required screws to do 10 complete door installs. Builders large bulk quantities are also available.

Those interested can buy the products on Amazon and other hardware, lumber stores, & door distributors/retailers. For a list of shopping options and installation videos, visit

About EXPR Door Installation Kits

EXPR Door Installation Kits make installing doors easier. The kits are available for purchase on at Amazon and other online retailers. EXPR brackets may also be purchased at local hardware, lumber yards, and door distributors. To learn more, visit



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We develop products to speed things up and reduce your costs. Beat your competition by using our fast and easy to use bracket system for perfectly installing pre-hung doors 5x faster and more accurate than shimming.
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