Inspired Foodie Launches Unique Website For Food Truck Enthusiasts

Photographer and foodie creates a unique, one-stop website for food truck lovers nationwide to review, blog and interact with other foodies about their favorite "meals on wheels."

Over the past few years the popularity of food trucks has grown
exponentially across the country. Hundreds of food trucks can be found throughout
the nation's most prominent cities with new trucks regularly being launched.

To keep up with the evolving times, Midwest born photographer and foodie, Errol
Dunlap has created a community-like website for food trucks across the United
States. His forward thinking new a more editorial-based
website containing information about food truck locations by city, types of food,
photos, reviews, menus and more features to come.

" is a social network for food truck lovers," said Dunlap. "In
addition to providing in-depth information about food trucks on a national level-not
just a local one-we want to have video interviews with the owners, share information
about how they got started, what they serve, who their customer base is, and overall
strengthen the culture."

Dunlap, referring to himself as a "food truckie", is aggressively working to have this
full service website for fellow food truckies launched in early August, and has stated
that initially the site will be sent to media and select bloggers, with access to the site
being invite-only.

The idea behind came to Dunlap when he first began to take
notice of several food trucks in his hometown of Chicago.

"There was one specific food truck that sold only cupcakes," explained Dunlap. "After
they caught my eye, I began seeing other trucks emerge on the scene, serving a
variety of offerings, including meatballs, empanadas, burgers and more. I thought
that a lot of people were in the dark about the growth of food trucks and so was born."

Food trucks have become the hottest culinary trend, competing with restaurants in
major cities on a daily basis. Experts say the reason for the ongoing success is due
to the varied types of food offered from the trucks. Whereas the old school hot dog
and hamburger trucks seem to be a thing of the past, customers can find ethnically
diversified meals at any number of "global food trucks" through their city.

To find and review more food trucks in your area, visit