InsightSquared Names Todd Abbott President and COO, James Davison Vice President of Products

New Executives Join InsightSquared, Accelerating Company's Growth in Revenue Operations

Todd Abbott joins InsightSquared as President & COO

InsightSquared, the leading provider of revenue intelligence solutions, has announced the addition of Todd Abbott as President and Chief Operation Officer and James Davison as Vice President of Products. As the B2B customer journey becomes increasingly complex, InsightSquared’s fast time-to-value, breadth of suite and ease of use have positioned the company as the go-to partner for organizations wanting to increase the value of their revenue operations.  

Abbott brings three decades of experience leading go-to-market teams at multinational corporations including Cisco, Seagate, Avaya and, most recently, Mitel where he served as executive vice president of sales and services. Throughout his career, he has built strong relationships with customers and partners, as well as tight alignment across all revenue-impacting roles. At InsightSquared, Abbott oversees all operations for the company including sales, marketing, business development, customer success and services.

Davison, who joined InsightSquared through the acquisition of Olono, leads engineering and product management for the company. As co-founder of Olono, Davison brings deep product and industry experience and a commitment to building software that people benefit from daily. Prior to Olono, he held product management roles at SailPoint, Socialware and IBM, developing industry-leading products, growing customer bases and defining corporate strategy. 

“I couldn’t be more pleased to have Todd and James join our executive team and help InsightSquared capitalize on the RevOps revolution. As a former customer, Todd knows the challenges that revenue leaders face. He’s a results-oriented leader with a proven track record of accelerating sales for some of the world’s most successful B2B companies,” said Fred Shilmover, CEO of InsightSquared. “Likewise, James has already transformed our product organization, bringing to market data-driven offerings, including Activity Capture, Forecasting and Guided Selling solutions, that help our customers improve sales execution.”

Since acquiring Olono in Fall 2019, InsightSquared has expanded its suite of revenue solutions to support companies at every stage of their RevOps journey. Today, B2B brands turn to the company to improve CRM data quality, generate high-value analytics and transform insights into actions. 

“CROs and Sales Leaders have been handicapped for years, without access to the data they need to effectively forecast and drive strategy,” said Abbott. “By aligning data, analytics and guided selling, we are providing revenue leaders with the visibility and actions engine to turn their sales operations from reactive to proactive. I look forward to changing the way revenue teams optimize their sales processes and drive predictable growth.” 

“Over the past decade, we saw an explosion of siloed tools that brought complexity to the sales journey and took user frustration to the brink. That’s what we are here to solve,” said Davison. “Our product strategy is 100% focused on improving sales execution. It’s not about nice-to-have features, it’s about helping reps sell better at every stage, in every deal.”

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