Insights from Google Analytics Data by Jeff Sauer at MN Search Summit

Insights from Google Analytics Data by Jeff Sauer at MN Search Summit hosted June 26h in Minneapolis- St. Paul, Minnesota inspired SEM experts. Hill Web Creations, a Minneapolis Marketer, attended the event and comments on the buzz it generated and 6 key actions Marketers should take.

The MN Search Summit 2015 agenda was a powerful line-up of digital marketing experts. Hosted June 26th in Minneapolis - St. Paul, it was the second annual summit and drew top national speakers. Before an attentive audience Jeff Sauer, owner of PPC Mastery Course and Jeff Analytics, revealed high-level insights during his talk on compelling story telling with Google Analytics data.

"Over 10 years of experience in Google AdWords and Analytics data quality issues were behind the cutting edge insights offered at the summit," says Jeannie Hill, owner of Hill Web Marketing. "I have taken Jeff's course and am continually amazed at how many advantages I can learn and offer clients. After organic search wins, it is tremendous to add paid media to drive sales."

When a business owner gets benchmarking in place, the data powerfully reveal facts that can be turned into a compelling public stories. If a business is doing a suburb job, data gleaned from AdWords and Google Analytics will take messages from opinion-based to evidence-based.

Marketing messages built on well-set up Google Analytics data and put into story format reveal key insights that stakeholders need. Once intuition converts to a knowledge that is supported by factual data, It is really hard to deny what is important. For example: when the data story reveals why a business cannot afford to omit paid mobile, it moves up on the priority list. Opinion coverts quickly to reality once it is revealed that competitors are winning in mobile marketing.

Sauer talks about the "how" and "why" of 6 key actions Marketers can take to benefits from deeper insights in Google Analytics data :

1. Create a marketing story from your on-line data; don't leave it to automated data processes.
2. Incorporate demographics to bring insights to marketing segments.
3. Utilize filters to block unwanted referral spam.
4. Create tiers of low, middle, and high budget prognosis.
5. Set-up content and channel groups for deeper insights.
6. Understand what a Google Analytics data annulment may mean.

The benchmarking reports in Google Analytics tell a business where they are doing well and where they are falling behind. It is important to focus on both.

"If we are doing well in organic search, social media or other areas, we are rocking it and should tell the story. It is not just an opinion. Using the benchmarking reports offers the data to get validation of things that we know in our heads," Jeff taught.

Benchmarking reports give answers right away. They many show where competitors are winning, or where tagging is missing or needs updating. Empty words are quantified. Validation from the data makes it easier to solve problems.

A successful business typically benchmarks and accrues data for insights on both its own marketing efforts and that of competitors. Business decisions can be made with greater accuracy when both angels are well covered. Too many businesses have relied on speculation, a perceived value of organic and paid search, or opinion - when in fact the story from Google Analytics data later confirmed how amiss a low appraisal was.

Cutting edge topics in SEM, SEO, PPC, analytics, email, content curation, social media strategies and much more energized attendees of the MN Search Summit. "The board members did an outstanding job of ensuring high value at every session, lots of networking, opportunities to meet the speakers, and a fun atmosphere," adds Hill. 'Powerful industry insights, inspirations, and connections make the MN Search Summit an event I plan to attend every year."

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Jeff Sauer can be reached at Digital Mantis, Inc., 8 10th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 or by email at jeff(at)knowledge(dot)land.

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