Insightful Unveils New HRIS Integrations to Cementing It as the Easiest-to-Adopt Productivity Software

With the new integrations, Insightful becomes the only employee productivity tool offering direct HRIS system connectivity

 Insightful, a leader in employee productivity monitoring, today announced the launch of its new HRIS integrations. The integrations make Insightful the only productivity tool that allows organizations to synchronize HRIS and workforce analytics employee data.

Insightful’s HRIS integrations are designed to combat the common challenges of maintaining employee records across different systems: manual employee data entry and the need to continuously update employee information across both systems. 

Key Details

  • Insightful's latest HRIS integrations simplify synchronizing HRIS and workforce analytics employee data.
  • The new integrations make Insightful the only employee productivity tool that directly connects with HRIS systems.
  • Insightful plans to expand its integration offerings to include helpdesk, payroll, accounting, and more.

Simplifying Employee Data Management

With its ability to integrate with HRIS systems, Insightful has set a new standard in employee productivity tools. While many productivity tools claim to automatically update HRIS data, this is not true. Instead, most of today’s tools rely on CSV uploads. By integrating directly with HRIS systems, Insightful becomes the only productivity tool that connects directly with them, enabling continuous data syncing.

With Insightful’s HRIS integrations, you only have to enter employee data into your HRIS, then Insightful automatically reflects this information inside the platform. This eliminates the need to set up employees manually in your workforce analytics software. Then, if a new employee starts, employees change teams or they leave the company, these changes in your HRIS system will auto-populate into Insightful.

By partnering with the HRIS systems in this way, Insightful makes workforce analytics software adoption easier than ever. And the company has further plans to add even greater functionality in the near future so organizations can connect their HRIS systems and workforce analytics on an even deeper level.

Becoming the Most Complete Workforce Analytics Solution

“Our newest HRIS integrations make it incredibly easy for organizations to adopt workforce analytics to improve how their teams work,” said Insightful CEO and Founder, Ivan Petrovic. 

“We often hear from customers that an inability to sync HRIS and workforce analytics tools inhibits the adoption of the latter. That’s where our new integrations step in. Not only do they connect the data between the two systems, they can also save organizations money by ensuring they’re not paying for unused licenses.

“We're not only simplifying keeping records in sync across different systems, but also paving the way for a more interconnected and efficient workplace. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive solution that meets the evolving needs of modern businesses.”

More Integration Plans on the Horizon

The new HRIS integrations are the second major integration release by Insightful as part of the company’s ongoing mission to become the most complete workforce analytics software. 

With 50-plus integrations already live on its marketplace, Insightful already connects with many of the world’s most popular software tools. The company has significant plans to expand this collection of integrations, including helpdesk, payroll, and accounting integrations in the near future. 

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