Insightful’s Rapid US Growth Recognized With Top Performer Rankings in Americas in G2’s Fall 2023

Insightful has been awarded won 31 top honors by G2, leading the employee productivity monitoring and time tracking software categories.

Insightful, the top-rated workforce analytics and employee productivity monitoring, has achieved remarkable success by securing 31 awards in G2’s Fall 2023 report. These awards highlight Insightful’s dedication to delivering great results and building strong customer relationships.

The new haul of awards paints underscores Insightful’s growing strong position in the market. This is especially true about the company’s new top rankings in America, the world’s largest market. This success in America comes on the back of Insightful’s recent strategic expansion to the east coast of America via a new New York City office.

Key Details

  • Insightful has been ranked as a top software solution in 31 categories, as per users' reviews in G2’s Fall 2023 report.
  • Noteworthy recognitions in America underline Insightful’s growing presence in the world’s most dominant market.
  • G2's reports are based on insights captured from users of software products around the world.

Setting a New Benchmark

Insightful’s latest accomplishment continues the company’s trend of earning top positions in the competitive categories of employee monitoring and time tracking. The consistent recognition reflects the company’s focus on customer relationships and commitment to delivering products that meaningfully improve how thousands of organizations work.

“Earning these awards highlights our team’s hard work and the positive impact of our products on over 150,000 users,” said Insightful CEO and Founder, Ivan Petrovic.

"The new levels of recognition we’ve achieved in America are especially exciting. This shows our ongoing efforts to evolve our product, plus our expansion to New York City, are helping us move toward our goal of being the no.1 product globally.

“We aim to create products that foster meaningful relationships with our customers and enhance productivity and efficiency for their teams – and these awards prove our dedication to this vision..”

Summary of Insightful’s Fall 2023 G2 Report Triumphs


  • Leader - Fall 2023
  • Leader - Mid Market
  • Leader - Americas


  • Most Implementable 
  • Most Implementable - Small Business


  • Best Results
  • Best Results - Small Business


  • Best Relationships 
  • Best Relationships - Mid-Market
  • Users Love Us


  • High Performer - Americas
  • High Performer - Americas - Mid-Market
  • High Performer - Americas - Small Business
  • High Performer - Europe
  • High Performer - Europe - Small Business
  • High Performer - EMEA
  • High Performer - EMEA - Mid-Market
  • High Performer - EMEA - Small Business
  • High Performer - United Kingdom
  • High Performer - Latin America
  • High Performer - Latin America - Small Business
  • High Performer - Asia
  • High Performer - Asia - Mid-Market
  • High Performer - Asia - Small Business
  • High Performer - India
  • High Performer - Middle East & Africa
  • High Performer - Asia Pacific
  • High Performer - Asia Pacific - Mid-Market
  • High Performer - Asia Pacific - Small Business
  • High Performer - South East Asia

Real Reviews, Real Users

Insightful’s awards are based on G2's authentic user reviews and aggregated data from various online sources, reinforcing the reliability and user appreciation of their solutions in the real world. In America and globally, Insightful’s awards signify a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

About Insightful

Insightful software is trusted by 3,100+ global brands and used by 150,000+ people daily. Insightful’s workforce analytics software helps manage and boost productivity, improve workflows, and support employee wellbeing. Features include an employee tracker, automatic time tracking, remote working tools, and so much more.

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