Insight Therapeutics Announces Major Expansion in Research Capabilities

Insight Therapeutics, LLC, a contract research organization focused on improving the care of older adults, today announced a major expansion in its research capabilities. The expansion includes the addition of new research sites, increased access to real-world data, and the hiring of a new CEO, Matt Bender. 

“We are excited to announce this expansion of our research capabilities,” said Bender. “These developments will allow us to accelerate the availability of real-world evidence that can be used to improve the care of frail and chronically ill adults who have been historically underserved by traditional clinical research. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of these individuals.”

The growth of Insight’s research network includes the addition of new sites that expand its reach beyond the 2,000 facilities that Insight has already engaged in pragmatic clinical trials and outcomes research. The company has also increased its access to real-world data, which will improve efficiency and reduce barriers to participation in clinical research, increasing opportunities to elevate care. Insight is planning to double its workforce in the next year to accommodate its growth.

“The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the need for clinical research and real-world evidence relevant to older adults,” said Ed Davidson, Insight’s co-founder.  “Matt’s addition to the team brings industry-leading experience to advance Insight’s proven methods for connecting data to outcomes, driving research that enhances care.”

Insight's expansion is being supported by a strategic investment from Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. “We are excited to provide capital that allows Insight Therapeutics to develop and accelerate their capabilities,” said Vikas Gupta, Omega’s Senior Vice President, Acquisitions and Development. “This investment is a testament to our commitment to helping our operators provide a high level of care for their residents.”

“We are pleased to partner with Omega,” said Bender. “We share a common goal of improving the quality of care for this vulnerable population. With this investment, we can make a bigger difference, sooner.”

About Insight Therapeutics, LLC

Insight Therapeutics, LLC is a clinical research organization focused on improving the care of frail and chronically ill adults. The company works directly with pharmaceutical companies, academic centers, and long-term care networks to answer research questions through large pragmatic trials and observational research. Insight Therapeutics is committed to conducting high-quality research that can be used to improve the lives of patients.

About Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc.

Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. is a real estate investment trust that invests in the long-term healthcare industry, primarily in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. The company is committed to providing capital to healthcare companies focused on delivering high-quality care to seniors and improving the lives of residents in the communities they serve.

Source: Insight Therapeutics

About Insight Therapeutics, LLC

Insight Therapeutics, LLC, established in 1996, is a clinical research, long term care consulting and education, strategic consulting organization.

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