Insight Global Continues Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Starting at the Top

Welcome Viola Maxwell-Thompson & DeWayne Griffin

As a company dedicated to empowering people through the value of opportunity, Insight Global is proud to welcome Viola Maxwell-Thompson and DeWayne Griffin to the company's Board of Directors. Combined, Viola and DeWayne bring over 55 years of experience in executive level management in both corporate and nonprofit organizations and are masters of their leadership craft.

Insight Global knows that empowering people starts with diversity of thought, experiences and backgrounds, and therefore, with this recent expansion of the Board, is taking action on a longer-term commitment to ensure no voice goes unheard.

"This the time to be intentional," said Insight Global CEO, Bert Bean. "Insight Global will continue to make intentional investments in diversity, equity, and inclusion, because we know that we are a stronger company when all voices, backgrounds and perspectives are heard and all employees are treated equally."

As people of color, Viola and DeWayne understand that their experiences have positioned them to gain a unique perspective and vast insight for navigating these efforts in the corporate world.

Inspired by Viola and DeWayne's passion for diversity, equity and inclusion, Insight Global will continue to mature in ways that create meaningful experiences for its people, knowing that top leadership within the company must pave the way for real change.

Backed by confidence in Viola and DeWayne's expertise and care, Insight Global will continue to foster a space where people bring their full, authentic selves to work and offer unique perspectives from which everyone can learn.  While there is still room to grow, our hope is to become an example for other companies also wanting to implement company-wide change in their goals around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

About Insight Global:

Insight Global isn't just a staffing company. We're a company that cares for others. It might sound lofty, but it's the idea that gets us up every day, determined to make it true. Insight Global is a company that people can anchor to in moments of triumph, struggle, and every time in between. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, you matter to us and we have your back. Whether it's finding the right candidate for a job or seamlessly managing a project end to end, our conviction and commitment to our consultants and clients runs deep. With 60 field offices across the US and Canada, putting to work over 50,000 Consultants annually, we believe; together, anything is possible.

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