Insider Threat Detection With InsiderAssess

Soteritech LLC, a cyber security services company, launches a new SaaS platform to proactively detect and deter insider threats.

Soteritech LLC, a cyber security services company, introduces a new software as a service tool (InsiderAssess) to help proactively detect and deter insider threats to organizations’ intellectual property. Theft of intellectual property by employees and contractors costs U.S. companies billions, and our government its secrets. Imagine spending years and millions of dollars to develop a new drug, or a new invention, or a new approach to warfare, only to have the secrets given away by a trusted employee.  In an instant, the advantage is gone as a competitor capitalizes. This scenario happens all too often and needs to stop for our country to be able to thrive.  Traditional insider threat detection approaches focus on only two areas: the network and employees.  Diligent companies install software on their networks to track employee/contractor activity, and they train their employees on the insider threat signs to look for in their colleagues. The missing piece is the insider threat themselves. The people who already know their intent to steal, and are calculating their way around organizational defenses. These are the people InsiderAssess is designed to catch.

InsiderAssess leverages facial recognition, speech pattern and voice intonation analysis, that feeds into a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) engine to develop an insider threat score. The way it works… Key employees or contractors with access to sensitive information are sent an email every three to months to log in to the InsiderAssess tool. Their computer camera and microphone are activated.  Then they are asked a brief series of questions related to their work and personal activity. Each response is recorded through video and audio.  Following completion of the interview, the InsiderAssess AI engine takes over to evaluate thousands of data points about each response: retina reactions, skin color, voice intonation, choice of language, and many others. The responses are then used to develop a threat score that is delivered to the employer. Since the interview happens every three months, it is easy to detect patterns and behavior changes and thus proactively detect potential insider threats. Contact us to discuss how InsiderAssess can help your organization protect its most critical assets at

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