inside/out Adventures Defies Voluntourism Criticism with Highly Praised Humanitourism Adventures to Mexico and Greece Returning for 2015

Unique Humanitourism Adventures from inside/out continue to receive high praise from people and communities served, bucking recent headlines of controversy around the voluntourism segment. Tours combining sustainable, responsible volunteer travel

Innovative adventure tour operator inside/out rises above criticism of voluntourism travel, returning with its lauded Humanitourism Adventures to Mexico and Greece in 2015. Their volunteer adventure tour aiding in the Greek animal welfare crisis helped launch the organization in 2009 and continues to address a desperate need. Greece has an alarming animal welfare crisis of epic proportions, which is largely unknown to the rest of the world.

Volunteers and local organizations alike call the experiences a game-changer for them. As one participant relates, “There literally is not a day that goes by that I don't think about our trip to Greece and its impact on my life. I’ve changed my life in incredibly positive ways because of it.”

More importantly, project partners in local communities praise the positive effects of inside/out’s presence and ask for the organization to return with volunteers.  “We are so lucky to have found inside/out,” says Friends of Mexican Animal Welfare President and former President of PATA Stan Burnett. “We are so thankful for their response to our needs and for all of their work, not just with us but with all that they do. We are extremely fortunate to have their support.”

inside/out has consistently sought to differentiate its offerings from conventional voluntourism. It cites sustainable and tangible positive impacts on small community projects developed collaboratively with local organizations and the addition of real adventure travel exploring and connecting to local terrain, culture and history. Both infuse money into the local economy by utilizing only locally-owned establishments and local independent guides. inside/out was at the forefront of the movement to go beyond voluntourism with its launch of Humanitourism adventures. Humanitourism allows travelers to contribute and connect more authentically and sustainably to the people, land and culture they visit in a fun, meaningful and life-changing travel experience.

MANZANILLO, MEXICO: BRINGING TOGETHER A COMMUNITY TO HELP HOMELESS ANIMALS  March 17-26, 2015 - In partnership with PATA, a local Mexican organization committed to creating a reduction in homeless animals and the health of all local animals, inside/out volunteers assist in a large scale spay/neuter clinic. inside/out also sponsors a veterinarian from the U.S. who works in tandem with Mexican vets and other volunteers from around the world. The combined efforts have resulted in some 500 sterilizations each year during the 5-day clinic. Following work in the clinic, travelers explore fun and adventure in the peaceful seaside town of Manzanillo, Mexico. Snorkeling, zip line tours, surf lessons, trekking and sea kayaking all included in the cost of the trip.

GREECE: UNITING CULTURES AROUND ANIMAL WELFARE - Fall 2015 (dates being finalized) - The 2015 Greece Humanitourism Adventure continues to address with locals the tragic and inhumane conditions that exist in Greece for dogs and cats: abandonment, neglect, starvation, poisoning, overpopulation, abuse and mistreatment. Trip participants provide hands-on support in a sterilization program in development by inside/out in collaboration with a local animal welfare group at a newly established local shelter, as well as continuing work in education and awareness among the Greek communities in the Zagoria region of mainland Greece. The Greece Humanitourism Adventure is an extension of a rescue project begun in 2007 in collaboration with Camp Bow Wow.

No special skills or knowledge are required for any of inside/out's Humanitourism animal welfare adventures, however veterinarians and veterinary technicians are encouraged to participate and can serve an invaluable role. More details can be found on the Humanitourism website. For those who may not be able to participate in a trip but still want to help, funds can be donated on the website.

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About inside/out:

inside/out provides Humanitourism Adventures, creating a lasting human connection while making a difference in the world. Participants work on local humanitarian projects that are largely overlooked or underserved. Each inside/out travel experience features small group sizes, stays with local hosts or in small culturally significant accommodations and exposes travelers to authentic local cuisine and customs. Humanitourism also includes a philanthropic component, designating a portion of trip costs to the project being served.




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