Inquidia Consulting Releases Token Replacement Plugin for a Template-Based Approach for Code Generation and Data Transformation

New Pentaho Data Integration component simplifies development and improves reusability with standardized, fully configurable code and data templates.

Inquidia Consulting has released a powerful new software component allowing developers to customize standardized code and data templates by dynamically inserting variable code or data.  This software enables rapid development of dynamic, data-driven outputs to databases, websites, Hadoop and more.

The Token Replacement component, designed for users of Pentaho Data Integration, can be plugged into new or existing Pentaho Data Integration deployments. Chris Deptula, senior architect for the Inquidia Labs project, led development of the plugin which is currently available through the Pentaho PDI Marketplace and through Github.

"We believe that organizations should be focused on delivering the right data to their team at every opportunity. The Token Replacement plugin helps make that a reality"

Kevin Haas, Senior Partner

“In our work with clients, we frequently use PDI for more than pure ETL.  We have found it to be a metadata-driven orchestration engine, well-suited to handle the rapidly changing data requirements often found in big data environments.”  says Deptula.  “The Token Replacement Plugin extends this capabilty by allowing developers to create code or data templates which can then be dynamically customized by easily inserting data-driven inputs via tokens.”

The Token Replacement plugin enables a modern, template-based approach for generating small or large text objects, including descriptions, SQL, HTML, or any other string or text.  Developers provide a tokenized template string from a data stream field, file, or text.  Then, replacement tokens are mapped to fields from a stream of input records.  The step generates a newly constructed, token-replaced string for each input record.

Developments such as this support Inquidia’s overall strategy to streamline and simplify the deployment of data-driven architectures, analysis and business intelligence for customers. “We believe that organizations should be focused on delivering the right data to their team at every opportunity,” says Kevin Haas, senior partner at Inquidia Consulting. “The Token Replacement plugin helps make that a reality with faster, more standardized, and more creative data deployment for data-thirsty organizations.”

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