Input Club Launches Kira, the Ultimate Full-Size Mechanical Keyboard

Kira Mechanical Keyboard

Input Club, a computer hardware startup, is launching its new flagship mechanical keyboard -- Kira. Kira's condensed full-size layout, artistic RGB lighting and bespoke mechanical switches mark a step forward for typists around the world. Its Kickstarter campaign went live on March 27, 2018.

Kira follows in the footsteps of the WhiteFox, a runaway success that generated $400,000 on Kickstarter. Coverage from Kotaku, The Verge, Tom's Hardware and many other publications propelled the WhiteFox into the media spotlight. Input Club's campaign was a grassroots effort from several enthusiast websites.

Members from various forums banded together with a common interest: making excellent computer keyboards. Generic big-brand keyboards are a horrific abuse of "value engineering," a business practice that is employed to create typist-punishing, low-quality peripherals. Our team is countering that trend by making keyboards that people love to use.

Kira isn't made cheaply. It's built up from a list of exacting features. Its fully mechanical switches have more in common with a typewriter than a MacBook. CNC-milled aluminum is available for its frame. Revolutionary RGB lighting underpins its case, creating a pleasing (and completely customizable) glow. In short, it's highly functional art.

Input Club's open source keyboard designs are backed by contributors from around the world. Prospective Kira owners will join our brand to obtain a better keyboard, which we'll deliver in spades. Our community, however, is what will encourage them to stay.

For more information, please reach out to Andrew ( or Alec ( at Input Club.

Source: Input Club

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