iNPOWERiQ Announces New NIL Opportunity for More Than 300,000 Student-Athletes Available at Every Level of Athletics With Its KONGiQ Sports Performance Technology Division

New Bundled Services Healthcare Management Solution iNPOWERiQ Separately Creates New, Sustainable Revenue Stream and Dramatically Cuts Costs for Athletic Departments

Leading sports performance, equipment and technology company KONGiQ is furthering its commitment to student-athlete well-being and empowerment by offering and accelerating name, image and likeness opportunities to tens of thousands of student-athletes in all sports across the collegiate and high school sports landscape. 

The parent company of the global sports entity this week also unveiled a new bundled services brand — iNPOWERiQ — which utilizes new technology and expertise to manage risk, reduce costs and generate revenue. With recent changes in college and high school sports, these solutions — which the company has perfected over 60 years with 8,000 corporate clients — can now be easily applied to university and high school athletics departments.

The newly created NIL network will be open to every eligible student-athlete who uses the next-gen technology-driven KONGiQ Sports Performance system at any partnered or future-partnered NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA, JC or High School (where HS NIL has been sanctioned — currently 14 states, including California, New York and Louisiana). KONGiQ technology includes preventative injury software, body mapping, strength and performance measurement and more advanced student-athlete wellness features.  

At the same time, iNPOWERiQ will apply a special focus working with underserved and underfunded departments outside of the Power Five who previously thought these departmental revenue/cost-cutting solutions and NIL opportunities were out of reach or not possible for their student-athletes. 

This groundbreaking NIL program is the first available to all athletes at every level of sports in which the usage of the student's name, image and likeness is directly tied to their use and advocacy of training equipment that helps keep them healthy and improves their performance.

"With iNPOWERiQ, we are further committing to investment and innovation that enhances student-athlete experience and well-being while at the same time recognizing and addressing the changing business landscape of college athletics and the evolving status of student-athletes on college campuses," said Mouzon Bass, owner and President of Bass Enterprises, the parent company of KONGiQ, HEALTHiQ management software and iNPOWERiQ. "Our groundbreaking NIL program with KONGiQ will empower thousands of athletes to realize a more equitable and entrepreneurial environment." 

Bass Enterprises companies have paid out more than $110 million to colleges and universities across the country by modernizing training operations and enhancing student-athlete care with more than 300 collegiate partners. The Dallas-based business has perfected complex variables related to healthcare, benefits and human resource management with back-end administration focused on lowering insurance costs, securing and maintaining private individual patient data, providing health care EMR innovation, and preparing/managing tax filings. One solution being implemented at universities helps fix significant issues and spiraling costs due to uninsured or underinsured student-athletes — at no cost for the schools, athletes or their families.

Utilizing this back-end capability and expertise, the company generates revenue and cuts costs in several areas, and shares the incremental income lift with its partners. Generally, these solutions are applied with no out-of-pocket expenses for the school or athletic department and provide many different kinds of equipment for athletic training, strength and performance, including the KONGiQ Sports Performance technology.

With KONGiQ, the company will launch both the NIL program and the other bundled admin services in three phases over the next 12 months, and has started rolling out the program to existing partners. The first phase includes mid-major universities, Division II and III schools, NAIA departments, and several schools belonging to the Christian Coalition of Colleges and Universities (CCCU) of all divisions. The company will then open up the program to additional partners in Fall 2022, then scale across all divisions, junior colleges and high schools where permitted in 2023.

"Our bundled solution is overwhelmingly compelling," said Bass. "Athletic Departments are facing a tough reality and must address some critical issues in 2022 and beyond — dwindling budgets and higher costs, and student-athlete rights and opportunities. Our solutions address all of this by orchestrating savings and new revenues for the departments in many areas within their existing process. We will also invest in the well-being and care of student-athletes and give them voice in today's more entrepreneurial environment." 

"The KONGiQ NIL network is an incredible step forward in the elite development of the student-athlete. It is available to all student-athletes who want to become the best they can possibly be," said Cal State Los Angeles University Athletic Director Daryl Gross, who is entering his 19thth year as a college Athletics Director. "It will have an impact on the future of college athletics and hopefully create a more equal, sustainable landscape where athletes feel supported and invested in as they grow in their college careers. At the same time, it helps sharpen our focus on what we care about most — enhanced care, treatment and performance of these student-athletes. When we talk about student-athlete experience, these bundled services, and resources seem critical — basically required — in today's world."

As part of the program, iNPOWERiQ will also begin a nationwide internship program for former student-athletes, interns and graduate assistants to learn more about student-athlete health care and the sports performance technology business. Those interns and graduate assistants will also have the opportunity to earn compensation by selling the KONGiQ technology to local high schools.


iNPOWERiQ is a new, bundled services program that aggregates existing technology currently working and generating revenue at high schools, colleges and professional sports teams of every size throughout the U.S. and in Europe. The brand is owned by Bass Enterprises, a 62-year-old Dallas-based business with 300 employees and 8,000 corporate clients specializing in healthcare, HR, employee benefits, insurance and sports medicine technology. Other brands owned are HealthiQ, an electronic medical records software technology, and KONGiQ. Bass Enterprises — one of the inventors of the "Insurance Card" concept — most recently consulted with the federal government on the Affordable Care Act, and the CARES Act of 2020 (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act), and is a leading management and testing company for COVID-19 and COVID safety protocols in the United States, including working with Major League Baseball, the NCAA, major hotel brands, and universities.

Lance Wilson — Executive Vice President

Source: iNPOWERiQ