Innovative Technology Safely Removes Fat Without The Scarring Put Forth By Surgeries.

Dieting and exercise may not get all the fat out of parts of the body because of the amounts of fat involved, or where it is on the body.

Ayurve Spa, a leading spa in Australia, is proud to announce the launch of their newest treatment, the Ultrasound Fat Reduction. This innovative treatment is new and revolutionary and does not require surgery or post-surgical treatment to heal any wounds. Ultrasound Fat Reduction treatment utilizes cavitation technology that does not scar the body, nor does it invade any part of the body, leaving users comfortable in the process. Diet and exercise may not remove all the fat from the body, but the least painful and least expensive way to remove the pockets of fat is with this leading technology.

Cavitation is an all-natural process that uses low frequency ultrasound which produces bubbles in the liquid. It then grows and implodes once it reaches a certain size. The membranes in the fat cells can not withstand the structural capacity therefore breaking them down. Normal diet and exercise can not break down certain fats because of the cellular structure and where they are on the body, but the cavitation breaks down the cells regardless of where they are on the body or how much there is. The broken fat is then enzymatically metabolized to glycerol. The water soluble glyceride is then absorbed by the circulatory system thus turning that into energy. This cavitation technology is innovative because it shapes the body the way users want the body to be shaped without compromise of health. Not everyone can take advantage of liposuction and other body contouring surgeries because of particular health issues and the stress that surgeries can cause to the body, but the Ultrasound Fat Reduction can be used by many people who desire to get rid of the excess fat around areas such as the abdomen, thighs, legs, arms, and neck.

Fat removal technology has never been safer - or cheaper. Ayurve Spa offers two sessions of 20 minutes for $150 and a 40 minute session for $300. It is wise to refrain from any alcoholic consumption 48-72 hours before treatment.

Body contouring can be done incorrectly leaving permanent health damage in the process, but the all-natural process of the Ultrasound Fat Reduction treatment works with the normal biology of the body. Users of the Ultrasound Fat Reduction treatment will not be required to undergo anesthesia or take medication prior to or after treatment. The treatment is only offered in very spots around the world and Ayurve Spa is proud to add this treatment to the bevy of treatment they already offer.