Innovative Print Head Storage Fluid

Unique product is released for the Inkjet industry for printhead storage, flushing and transportation. It simplifies the process of fluid changeover in printheads, prevents them from drying out during long-term storage, and increases their longevity.

Digital Sign Technologies has released the new Print Head Storage and Intermediate Fluid. Designed to absorb moisture and a great variety of chemicals, this slow-drying fluid is the perfect solution for flushing, storing and shipping of Inkjet print heads.

What to do about the long-term print head storage has always been a problem in the Inkjet industry, because often any solvent-based or water-based flushing solution tends to evaporate over time, leaving the print head nozzles to dry. Dryness obstructs a print head from printing well due to deflected or missing nozzles. This slow-drying fluid was designed to solve this problem. Print heads filled with the Storage Fluid can be stored and shipped without risking any degradation in their performance.

A great property of the new Storage Fluid is its ability to mix with many different chemicals and absorb them. When filled inside a print head, it removes moisture and any residual fluids from within. It can serve as an intermediate fluid when switching a print head from one chemical to another, for example, when converting a print head from solvent to water-based or UV curable ink.

The company recommends using this fluid when changing the cleaning solutions in the Print Head Doctor recovery machines, to prevent unwanted chemical reactions between the solutions inside a machine or a print head.

Digital Sign Technologies has been delivering alternative printing consumables for the past 15 years. It pioneered printing inks for wide-format printers, cartridge chip solutions, bulk ink feeding systems, and print head recovery systems.