Innovative Phone App Launching in 2016 Helps Customers Save Money on Automotive Services

A new phone application from Blitzify is simplifying the search for a trusted and affordable automotive service provider, connecting users to nearby auto repair shops and enabling them to instantly request quotes from up to four different providers with one tap of a button. The app is set to launch on January 5th, prior to Blitzify's 2016 crowdfunding campaign.

​Numerous consumer studies have shown that auto repair service is one of the least favorable tasks for consumers. The Blitzify app was designed to change that. The new app allows users to quickly and easily locate service providers nearby their location and input services required on their vehicle. They can then request quotes from local providers and compare options - all on their mobile device.

Blitzify developed the app after careful research that revealed a growing need to increase transparency in the auto service repair industry, an industry that has been known to have varied prices for the same service, for no apparent reason. Blitzify has created a sizable database of service providers that takes advantage of geo-location features on mobile devices and connects motorists with local repair shops that can best meet the consumer’s needs. Not only can the consumer request quotes to ensure they pick the shop with the best deal, they can look for shops with the amenities that they prefer or require, such as courtesy transportation, Wi-Fi, or a child’s play area.  The Blitzify app can be used for any repairs, big or small, from oil changes to engine repair.

"Most drivers are stuck having to call around and waste time comparing prices to find a mechanic that they can trust and one that will do the job at a fair price. With Blitzify you get all that information within minutes."

Katherine Swan, New Business Development Manager, Blitzify.

By taking the busy work out of sending quote requests to each individual provider, and having to search for shop reviews on the web, the app alleviates much of the stress and unpleasantness of the service provider search. The app even provides the user with the service providers contact information and directions to the facility on demand.

Consumers can read real-time reviews that were posted on Blitzify, Google and Yelp, for each automotive company in the area.  Star ratings, as well as personal experiences, are included with the Blitzify quote. Because Blitzify is an independent company, users can trust that the information they receive is unbiased as well as personalized to meet their needs. The upfront pricing model is designed to give the user the edge and the confidence to make educated and informed decisions when seeking automotive repair services.

“Most drivers are stuck having to call around and waste time comparing prices to find a mechanic that they can trust and one that will do the job at a fair price.  With Blitzify you get all that information within minutes.  Price, reviews and a report on the repair shop.  This is what people expect from today’s fast paced world; something that can save you time and money,” said Katherine Swan, New Business Development Manager at Blitzify.

The app is set to launch on January 5, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona.  A crowd funding campaign will follow the launch to advance development in preparation for nationwide release.  

For more information on the app or to learn more about Blitzify visit

About: Blitzify will launch in early 2016 and spread nationwide throughout the 2016 year. The app has been in development for four years and is a groundbreaking jump in technology, bringing real-time upfront prices to the automotive repair industry.  


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