Innovative New Book by Career Expert, Speaker, and Thought Leader Teaches Readers to Abolish Fear and Make Courageous Decisions in Business and Life

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Career coach Kris McGuigan knows that life is full of disruption: suffering loss, facing uncertainty, or implementing a new initiative. When the change strikes, fear threatens to paralyze decision-making. "It doesn't have to be this way. You can take control of your destiny and create long-lasting results, even in the worst situations. But you must learn to activate real, sustainable courage," she says. After successfully helping clients face their fears for over two decades, she decided to write her new book, The Requisite Courage: How to Make Brave Decisions in Business & Life, which will release on Oct. 18, 2022.

Kris McGuigan chose to share her wisdom because too many people don't know how to handle change. "I want people to know what to do so that they can avoid confusion, lost time, controversy, and even gut-wrenching breakdowns. But my coaching time is limited. The Requisite Courage enables me to impact as many people as possible by sharing the precise steps to overcome self-doubt and make bold decisions.

McGuigan has a unique gift for helping people abolish fear to get better results. Through her business, Professional Courage, her services are in demand with corporations and business leaders who urgently need her help retaining high performers, promoting careers, and better articulating value. "I encounter individuals every day in search of a tactical approach to navigating change," she confirms.

McGuigan uses real-life stories and a science-based approach to reveal how to respond in times of intense transition. Vulnerable retellings include tragedy, divorce, job loss, startups, and reinvention. "What you do in life-altering situations has a huge impact on your business and relationships. I've held nothing back in The Requisite Courage. I share my proven methodologies for unlocking your true potential and living the life of your dreams." 

One real-life story is from McGuigan's own experience serves as a perfect example of overcoming fear to make brave decisions. After watching an impactful presenter at a conference years ago, Kris took a chance to talk to him. That presenter turned out to be Shola Richards, now two-time bestselling author (Making Work Work and Go Together) and in-demand public speaker. That conversation led to a friendship and mentorship that has proven valuable to both Richards and McGuigan. In fact, Richards wrote the foreword for The Requisite Courage. "When my dear friend Kris McGuigan told me that she was using her considerable talents to write a book… I was more than intrigued - I needed to read it." 

McGuigan will launch her book during an interactive event on Oct. 1. It can be purchased on either Barnes & Noble or Amazon.


Source: Kris McGuigan, author

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