Innovative Mobile App From Market Research Giant InteliChek Set to Transform Automotive Service Industry

Blitzify seeks service providers and offers free six-month membership

​InteliChek and Blitzify – a spin-off of InteliChek - today announce the launch of Blitzify, a new mobile application that connects customers and automotive service providers through a comprehensive and innovative mobile platform that will change the way people buy and sell automotive services.

The app merges data from local market research, information from service providers, special offers, testimonials and ratings and reviews from customers into a user-friendly interface giving the user out-the-door, real time price comparisons. Real time data allows customers to get quotes from multiple providers and compare prices at the push of a button. Blitzify allows customers to contact service providers directly through the app, significantly streamlining the process of picking a provider and setting up an appointment.

Blitzify revolutionizes the way that service providers and customers communicate. Not only does it empower the customer, who may not know exactly how much a service should cost, by putting an enormous amount of reliable data at their fingertips, but it empowers the service provider as well by allowing them to more easily acquire new customers and ensure that their prices and offers are on par, if not better, than their local competitors,” said Katherine Swan, New Business Development Manager at Blitzify.

“This is more than an app, it puts money in both parties' pockets. At InteliChek and Blitzify we are dedicated to using our market research to help the consumer as well as the business. We build relationships through intelligence and every successful business knows that the bottom line is more than dollars and cents, it’s dollars and good customer sense. Blitzify makes this possible,” said Swan.

Blitzify is enrolling service providers who would like to utilize the new application during its launch. Service providers are not required to pay anything for the base service to participate and will receive a six-month free membership for Plus and Premium services.

For more information on how to claim an automotive service business on Blitzify or to participate in the testing of the application and receive a complimentary six-month membership, contact Katherine Swan.

Contact: Katherine Swan, 844-254-8943 ext 425

About InteliChek: InteliChek was founded in 1997 and has since become a leading automotive market intelligence company that provides Fortune 100 clientele a suite of unique, high-value products and services based on high-quality research and data analysis. InteliChek uses data it collects about a company's competition or internal systems and applies marketing intelligence to assist in the development of creative marketing and business strategies. InteliChek provides its clients with a powerful combination of strategic insight, business acumen, and an entrepreneurial spirit to help them keep pace in this intensely competitive and rapidly changing marketplace. Find out more:



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