Innovative Infection Control in Long Term Care

Setting New Standards in Patient Safety and Infection Prevention

COVID-19, pandemic, virus, contamination and disinfection have become household words in the past several months. A leader in the health care industry is employing a strategy known to us all – the best defense is a good offense. The ALDEN Network, a Chicago-based, Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Organization, has launched a major initiative to meet new infection control challenges – ALDENClean.

ALDENClean is setting a new standard in patient safety and infection control practices using UV technologies and patented molecular treatments. Alden’s multifaceted approach assures residents, staff and responsible parties the environment they are entering is continuously and safely cleaned, treated and monitored to provide the cleanest possible environment throughout their rehabilitation experience.

ALDENClean involves three innovative phases. Phase one involves a rigorous 12-step deep-cleaning process in which all equipment and surfaces are disinfected using state-of-the-art accelerated hydrogen-peroxide products registered to kill pathogens known to frequent the health care environment. Phase two involves the use of the same UV Light treatment used in surgical areas within hospital settings, using wavelengths shown to destroy the DNA of bacteria and viruses; this treatment provides consistent surface disinfection and keeps surfaces hygienically clean. Alden is now providing this superior level of protection to its residents and staff using these mobile UV light units in resident rooms, bathrooms and therapy rooms. “Keeping in mind our mission to be the best provider to those we serve, investing in mobile UV-C light machines meant creating the best and safest environment by drastically reducing viruses and bacteria that not only cause a myriad of illness from COVID-19 and Influenza to the common cold,” said Robert Molitor, Chief Executive Officer. “Our commitment to patient safety has and always will go well beyond protecting against just COVID-19.” Finally, phase three involves the application of an antimicrobial surface treatment whose patented molecular technologies mechanically kill microbes by piercing and rupturing cell membranes. Once dried, this antimicrobial treatment creates an invisible microscopic surface protectant that does not leach off or migrate from the treated surface, offering persistent protection for up to 90 days. These three phases are repeated at precise intervals throughout the resident’s stay.

AldenClean sets a new benchmark in the fight to protect residents and staff from the dangers of exposure to COVID-19 said Dr. Michael Nabolotny, M.D. “This state-of-the-art program enhances the already-stringent cleaning practices in place at Alden facilities and provides an unparalleled level of facility cleanliness - which is so important to the safe provision of care to our residents and the medical communities we serve. The AldenClean program is just another example of the commitment Alden has made in providing an industry-leading level of care for the residents entrusted to them,” said Nabolotny.

To compliment Alden’s already-robust system of thorough and continuous cleaning, laundry machines have been fitted with Advanced Oxidation Hydroxyl Laundry Technology. Using UV light to create Hydroxyl Radicals, Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide, this technology supercharges the existing laundry system, making it 500 times more powerful than hot water and bleach alone. The result is linen and clothing that is not only visibly clean but hygienically clean without the use of chlorine bleach and hot water - all around a better, safer, environmentally conscious and CDC-recognized method of processing laundry. Clean linen and clothing are then protected against contamination until personally delivered to the resident.

Alden’s commitment to this program is echoed by the dedicated Environmental Services team members in each facility who receive continuous training in infection-control practices and are led by professionals with 50 years of combined experience in Health Care Environmental Services and Institutional Environmental Health.

For over 45 years, The Alden Network has provided health care and residential solutions for seniors to help them function to the best of their ability and live life as independently as possible.

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Source: The Alden Network