Innovative Global News and Publishing Platform Gnomi Launches

The Gnomi app translates news streams from 22 top GDP countries into 11 languages in real time, with space to publish content and connect with a global community of users.

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Gnomi, a groundbreaking aggregated news app dedicated to empowering global conversations by enabling transparent information sharing, has formally launched. As both a global news streaming service (with sources in 22 top GDP countries, translated into 11 languages in real time) and a publishing platform, Gnomi creates an innovative space for informed discussions with a wealth of diverse perspectives.

“Gnomi offers sanctuary in a world where algorithmic news consumption limits the ability to explore and critically think about the issues that matter,” says Eva Cicinyte, CEO and founder of Gnomi. “The current news landscape threatens the fabric of trust, promotes the spread of misinformation, and exacerbates polarization on critical issues. We believe that providing individuals with timely and diverse perspectives on global issues will help cultivate a future where transparency and accountability form the foundation for better decision-making.”

Gnomi features include:

  • Timely News & Lifestyle Content
    • Access timely news from 22 countries (the United States, Brazil, Canada, India, China/Hong Kong, Korea, Russia, France, Japan, Italy, and more) with translations of news articles in 11 different languages (English, Mandarin, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Korean and more).
    • Choose from more than 50 news categories: top stories, technology, society, sports, health, politics, style, entertainment, etc.
    • Comment, like, react and share news with the community to further the conversation around issues that matter.
  • Global Conversations & Publishing Platform
    • Keep up with what people say about issues that matter through your feed.
    • Share a point of view to kick off a new discussion by easily publishing an article on your own profile.
    • Build dedicated followers, while following and engaging with people worldwide, for a more holistic view of a news issue or trending topic.
  • Data Rankings & Analytics
    • Staying informed takes practice. Gnomi shows users a breakdown of their activity on the app to help them set reading goals and diversify the global reach of their news consumption.

In relation to other news apps, Gnomi employs advanced preventive tools and technology to screen out any content that is considered egregious or illegal. Additionally, human oversight is utilized to promptly address reports of abuse. This dual approach ensures that Gnomi maintains its status as a safe space, where individuals can freely share and discuss their perspectives. At the same time, the app is careful to maintain balance and objectivity, with a nuanced vision of the global news landscape.

Gnomi news sources, carefully vetted to ensure legitimacy, are shown in the News tab based on country, category, and timestamp. Gnomi has features in place, such as trending news per country and category, that allow people to stay informed on top global stories in real time. The app will never censor or use algorithms to limit or over-index the content that is getting the most clicks.

With reliance on traditional news sources diminishing, Gnomi provides a space for both professional journalists and a new generation of content creators to contribute, shape opinions, and foster more profound dialogue on issues that impact our society and culture.

The Gnomi app is now available for free download, worldwide, on iOS and Android devices.


About Eva Cicinyte:
Eva Cicinyte, CEO & founder of Gnomi App, is also the president and founder of Newton Principle Agency, a global strategic service provider in data analytics serving the commercial sector. Cicinyte has an extensive background in international affairs and technology. Her deep passion in these fields underpins the founding mission behind Gnomi App.

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