Innovative Glaucoma Medical Device Company to Change Name From Camras Vision to Alievio, Inc.

Alievio Logo

Alievio, a medical device company formerly known as Camras Vision, announced its name change today as part of a rebranding effort to further position the company as a leader in innovative glaucoma treatment solutions.

Ray Krauss, Chief Executive Officer at Alievio, said, “It has long been our mission to help patients who suffer from this debilitating disease preserve what precious vision they still have and enjoy a higher quality of life.”

The name Alievio highlights the mission of the company, to alleviate and provide a sense of relief to those patients suffering from late-stage glaucoma, instilling a sense of hope and optimism of retaining their remaining vision through a new and innovative glaucoma treatment option.

The rebranding includes a newly designed website, logo and communication assets. Alievio’s new logo is meant to express the high level of technology and science that is behind the design of the device, conveying the company’s target to be at the forefront of innovation in the glaucoma treatment space. The website affords the reader a thorough background on general glaucoma education and outlines how Alievio’s device meets a significant unmet need in lowering intraocular pressure (IOP), in comparison to current technologies and treatment options in the space.

As Alievio’s device progresses towards commercialization, the company intends to generate awareness about glaucoma treatment for those late-stage patients who have failed to find relief and slow the progression of the disease with existing treatment options.

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Name: Ray Krauss / CEO

Organization: Alievio, Inc.


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Address: 2 Davis Dr, Research Triangle, NC 27709

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