Innovative EHS Consulting Firm Launches in Response to Evolving Demand for Safe & Compliant Work Environments

SAVI EHS is committed to mitigating risks and providing advanced EHS services that exceed expectations in a professional and ethical manner

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SAVI EHS, providers of advanced and innovative EHS services, today announced their official six-month benchmark since launching in February 2021. The nationwide consulting firm specializes in regulatory compliance assessments, program development, training, staffing, industrial hygiene monitoring, expert witness testimony, COVID mitigation consultancy, and incident investigation/management. SAVI EHS aims to be a multifaceted EHS consulting firm providing a variety of EHS services to all industries. 

Recent global events have brought into sharp focus the impact growing innovation has on continued environmental, health, and safety awareness. EHS is evolving as the roles and responsibilities of EHS professionals across all industries also change. Compliance is no longer the end-game with enterprises that must continue to incorporate new technology, understand competition and stay aware of changing consumer attitudes. SAVI EHS provides full turnkey programs and solutions to help organizations remain compliant, safe, and sustainable. Their highly trained experts can help companies to have a positive impact on the environment, manage risk, and save money. 

Within the first six months of officially launching SAVI EHS, the company has successfully represented multiple law firms as an expert witness in construction accident cases, provided EHS personnel recruiting services for multiple CM firms and trade contractors on a short-term and permanent basis, conducted an acquisition analysis and developed COVID mitigation plans for multiple large television networks and a USA Olympic team. 

"The public is more aware and conscious of sustainability and EHS-related issues. This presents an opportunity to promote a company's EHS efforts and protect its reputation. It is our objective to partner with our clients to address their specific needs to drive continuous improvement within the organization," said Christian Deater, Director of SAVI EHS. "I've worked with multiple top companies in the industry and I look forward to using my experience to address the specific needs of an organization."

Deater was brought in to spearhead the launch and direction of SAVI EHS. He previously worked with Skanska for 12 years as EHS Director and VP of EHS. He has over 23 years of experience managing EHS, primarily in construction. His ability to facilitate strategic alliances with organizational leaders to effectively align with and implement vital EHS programs and initiatives has contributed to SAVI's quick growth. Deater will continue to develop sustainable strategic plans to eliminate workplace injuries and have a positive impact on the environment. 

"We wanted to start an EHS consulting firm, but knew it was absolutely critical to have the right person leading the charge," said Terence Curran, COO of The Amphibious Group. "I had a working relationship with Christian Deater while he was the VP of EHS at Skanska, and our leadership team knew that he would be a great addition to the Amphibious Group family. He is an expert at what he does and loves it. He can be in the office creating proposals, writing comprehensive EHS programs, and in the field completing the assessments."

SAVI EHS is already looking to expand with an upcoming opportunity to partner with their sister company, Amphibious Medics.  This will allow the company to offer clients onsite medical support as well as EHS services. SAVI EHS is in the process of developing an online platform to allow their clients to upload their leading and lagging indicators. This would provide a tool to track and trend a company's EHS performance, offer a catalog of toolbox talks, and develop an online incident reporting database as well as a tool to develop task-specific EHS plans.  

For more information, please visit email, or call 562-706-1656.

Erika Souders

Source: SAVI EHS


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