Innovative-e CEO Mike Taylor Publishes Revolutionary Book With Strategies to Leverage AI to Become a Higher Performing Organization With Happier People

The premise of this book is rooted in a simple yet profound realization: The key to elevating project success lies not just in sophisticated tools or methodologies, but in harmonizing the human and digital aspects of project management.

The AI Project and Work Management Revolution is Here!

Innovative-e, a leader in innovative project management and work solutions, proudly announces the launch of CEO Mike Taylor’s groundbreaking book, The AI Project and Work Management Revolution is Here, available now on Amazon.

With a dedication to advancing project and work management by effectively leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, Taylor offers readers a strategy that explores the transformative role of AI in reshaping project management landscapes and driving organizations to become higher-performing overall. The AI Project and Work Management Revolution is Here is a roadmap for professionals seeking to navigate the dynamic intersection of AI and project management. 

The book illuminates strategies to connect siloed entities — people, applications, and data — and harmonize the human and digital aspects of project and work management for better project and work management outcomes and happier employees. 

"As we release this book, we're excited to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the intersection of AI and project management," said Innovative-e's CEO and author of the book, Mike Taylor. "Our goal is to provide readers with actionable insights, fostering an environment where projects thrive in the rapidly evolving landscape."

The book arrives at a time when organizations globally recognize the need for innovative approaches to project management, including leveraging key technologies like AI. Read the book and explore the future of AI-driven project execution to bridge the gaps between people, applications, and data and achieve unprecedented success.

Innovative-e has consistently demonstrated excellence in providing project management solutions to help its customers achieve better project and work outcomes. Innovative-e was named the winner of the worldwide Microsoft Partner of the Year in 2023, received the MSUS Microsoft Partner Award in 2020, and was named a finalist of the Microsoft 2019, 2021, and 2022 Partner of the Year Awards in PPM. In 2022, Innovative-e was also named a finalist in the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in Customer Experience, demonstrating the company's dedication to its customers. These accolades each year reflect Innovative-e's ongoing commitment to leveraging project management and partnering with world-class solution providers to improve lives. 

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