Innovative Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) Program Launches in Newport Beach

Estad, a new innovative school, launches its revolutionary "Do Learn" program today using innovative challenge-based learning techniques. The goal of Estad is to help students discover and explore their passions while engaging in academically integrated content to develop entrepreneurship opportunities. The Estad program will offer middle school students interactive "Do Learn" programs such as developing an online magazine, programming drones and becoming a virtual stock market investor.

Estad, a new innovative school, announced today the launch of its revolutionary "Do Learn" program using challenge-based learning in Newport Beach, California.  Parents in the Orange County area will soon be able to enroll their children in an innovative educational program where students engage in exciting hands-on projects every month based on real-world scientific, business and leadership challenges.  The Estad program is the first of its kind in Orange County, California, and will start its operation on March 1, 2016.

The goal of Estad is to help students discover and explore their passions while engaging in academically integrated content to develop entrepreneurship opportunities. In addition to the cognitive strategy development, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity, all Estad students will actively practice the non-cognitive skills greatly desired in the corporate world today: risk taking, tenacity, collaboration, resiliency, initiative, flexibility, confidence, persistence and leadership.  Students who attend the program will receive more than just the basic education offered in a traditional classroom setting according to Fariborz Maseeh, Estad’s founder.  “The current K12 system of education was developed for the industrial age more than 100 years ago.  Today information is commoditized and it’s available to students anywhere any time, with or without a classroom setting.  We need an alternative approach suitable for our era, the information age,” Maseeh said.  Estad is not a textbook- or lecture-based learning model.  Students will engage in hands-on projects applicable to real-world issues preparing them in every subject-area.  “Our challenge-based project approach increases student engagement, competency and overall learning.” 

Estad engages an elite staff of academic, business and subject matter professionals in the development of its projects.  Students will design, plan and carry out projects under the guidance of Estad’s expert staff.  At the end of each month, students will present their products, publications and findings to the Estad team.  Through exposure to this innovative program, students will enhance their natural talents and interests to develop skills preparing them to tackle practical problems.

The Estad program is initially offered to middle school-aged children and begins as an after-school program four days per week from 4:00pm-6:00pm, Monday-Thursday in Newport Beach, CA.   The inaugural cohort beginning on March 1, 2016, will initiate their first challenge “developing an online magazine.”  Students will learn how to create and develop a website, draft and implement content on the website, seek out and compose news stories and publish their final product.    

The Estad program is currently accepting applications for registration.  Enrollment for the March cohort closes on February 15, 2016.  For more information please visit or contact

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