InnovateEDU Develops Free, Open-Source Data Extraction Tool for Google Classroom During COVID-19

K-12 Non-Profit Organization Stepping Up To Support Teachers And Administrators

InnovateEDU Google Classroom Connector

Today, InnovateEDU, a non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate the achievement gap in K-12 education by developing innovative models and tools to serve, inform, and enhance teaching and learning, announced that they are offering a free, open-source Google Classroom Connector to any school or district that utilizes G Suite for Education. Realizing that teachers and administrators are facing challenges in gaining insights into students’ performance and engagement during remote instruction, InnovateEDU developed a data extraction tool that can be used in a school’s Google Cloud environment ensuring that data is secure and interoperable.

InnovateEDU’s Executive Director, Erin Mote said, “The nation’s schools, districts, and teachers are doing remarkable work to serve all students during this disaster. InnovateEDU believes that data interoperability and real-time data insights provided by this tool can make a hard job a little bit easier. Our development team and organization have worked with partners to make this free, open-source, and accessible to all schools and districts.” InnovateEDU partnered with three LEAs - KIPP Bay Area, Great Oaks Schools, and Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School - to provide feedback on and test the connectors.

“We’re honored to be part of this collaborative effort to make critical information from Google Classroom more widely available and accessible to schools throughout the country during this unprecedented time of need,” shared Megan Benay, National Director of Inclusive Education and Data Systems & Strategy for the Great Oaks Foundation.

Once a school or district runs the Google Classroom Connector in their Google Cloud environment, they will be able to:

  • Bring all of the Google Classroom data to one place in BigQuery;
  • Gain access to a variety of Google Classroom data ranging from percentage of students completing assignments or the number of classes that have been created; 
  • Copy and use InnovateEDU’s Google Classroom report templates in their own Data Studio instance; and
  • Maintain data securely in their district’s Google Cloud environment and allows administrators and teachers to gain meaningful insights into Google Classroom. 

Visit Landing Zone to learn more about this tool.

Contact for Media: 

Erin Mote
Executive Director 

Contact for Schools: 

Marcos Alcozer​
Project Director 

Source: InnovateEDU

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