Innovaccer Launches Its Web Interface Reporting Solution to Help Providers Overcome Quality Reporting Challenges

Built on top of the Data Activation Platform, the solution simplifies reporting by integrating data from multiple sites, automating quality measures evaluation, and delivering actionable analytics at a patient level.

​​Amid healthcare’s rapid transformation to value-based care, measuring the quality of care is crucial. However, the short time frame for reporting, the exhaustive list of patient records and the manual intensive reporting process can seem a bit overwhelming to the providers. Providers need a solution that simplifies the quality reporting process and leaves them with more time to actually focus on the quality of care.

Innovaccer Inc., the leading San Francisco-based healthcare data activation company, launched its GPRO reporting solution that aims to automate quality reporting and assists providers in closing the prevalent care gaps. It helps to identify and fill the data gaps and also monitors the overall reporting status to assist users in maximizing value-based reimbursements.

To facilitate the process of quality evaluation, the solution gives a headstart to the providers through the Data Activation Platform that integrates data from multiple sites and matches patient records. Most EHRs do not have sufficient capabilities to accomplish this. Clinicians and support staff typically have to do this manually, which is not only exhausting and time-consuming, but it also increases the scope of error. With Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform, clinicians can prevent the adverse effects of reporting errors on their quality scores, and thereby, their incentives.

To further enhance providers’ quality scores and comprehensively track the quality performance, the solution accepts not just EHR data but non-EHR data as well. The solution also increases the precision of reports by identifying the gaps in data where certain fields are missing or data needs to be updated. It helps in closing data gaps by facilitating guided and customized manual entry. Additionally, clinicians can also manually intervene in the automated process to ensure what’s best for them. 

The web interface reporting solution is not only tailored to ease the reporting burden but to provide a stepping stone to improving the quality of care as well. In addition to report preparation, the solution offers drilled down analytics at the patient level to evaluate performance for each measure and close the existing care gaps. Not only does the solution provide a bird’s eye view of the overall reporting status, but it also helps to pinpoint specific improvement opportunities.

“Since quality reporting is the way in which the ‘value’ can be measured, it could be referred to as the backbone of the ongoing value-based transformation of healthcare,” says Abhinav Shashank, Co-founder and CEO at Innovaccer. “To make this transformation seamless for the ACOs and providers, we have engineered reporting on top of our Data Activation Platform that not only smoothens the process of reporting but also empowers them in delivering the best quality of care.”

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Innovaccer Inc. is a leading healthcare data activation company committed to making a powerful and enduring difference in the way care is delivered. Innovaccer’s aim is to make full use of all the data healthcare has worked so hard to collect by righting the wrongs of healthcare technology, doing away with long-standing problems and replacing them with ideal solutions. Its Gartner and KLAS-recognized products have been deployed all over the US across more than 500 locations, enabling over 10,000 providers to transform care delivery and work as one. Innovaccer’s solutions have successfully activated data for several institutions, governmental organizations, and several corporate enterprises such as Mercy ACO, StratiFi Health, UniNet Healthcare Network, Catalyst Health Network, Hartford Healthcare, and Osler Health Network. Innovaccer is based in San Francisco and has offices all over the United States and Asia.

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