INK Marketing Announces Raw Space Gallery Atlanta, GA

Unique 7500 Square Foot Industrial "Raw Space" With Extensive Opportunities To Create One Of A Kind Experiences And Atmosphere.

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Raw Space Gallery
Unique 7500 Square Foot Facility In Historic Catleberry Hills Atlanta

Industrial "Raw Space" with extensive opportunities to create one of a kind experiences and atmosphere.

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(Atlanta, GA) Announcing the opening of Raw Space Gallery, an originative and visually appealing art gallery and exhibition hall located in historic Castleberry Hill in Downtown Atlanta.

You will find Raw Space Gallery nestled amongst high-end streetwear boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants in the landmark Castleberry Hill district. Welcoming artists, photographers, fashion designers, and many other event planning clientele, the Raw Space Gallery is a venue of unlimited possibilities.

Perfect for art/fashion shows, video shoots, private functions, exhibitions and public viewings, Raw Space Gallery is managed by Imagine Not Knowing (INK) Marketing Company.

An all-inclusive marketing company recognized as the ultimate powerhouse to propel your company, INK serves as a combination of conventional marketing tactics and entertainment industry management fused with public relations and financial guidance.

• Gallery and exhibition Space in historic Castleberry Hill in Downtown Atlanta
• Available to artists, photographers/videographers, chorographers, fashion designers and event planners to use/rent
• 7500 Square Foot Facility
• Possibilities are unlimited because of the industrial "raw space" where the user can create the experience and the environment
• Prefect for art shows, fashion shows video shoots, private functions, exhibitions and public viewings
• The space is managed by Imagine Not Knowing (INK) Marketing Company
• Info about INK can be found at

Upcoming Events

Soulphistication September 30, 2011
Want to experience creative expression in a new way? On September 30, 2011 from 7pm - 1am, come be a part of Soulphistication at 413 Fair St, SW, Atlanta, GA 30313 in Castleberry Hill.

What's Soulphistication?

It's an art exhibit well, not really. It's an experiement of sorts. We're setting up an atomic model of art patrons eh, party goers as electrons, spinning around the nucleus which is the proton, a DJ, and neutron, an artist. This set up is the same that occurs thoughout nature and we're mimicking this all in the name of creativity and fun. Come be a part of Soulphistication. I'm certain, you have never experienced an evening like this. And that's a good thing.

Castleberry Hill Art Stroll October 14, 2011