INK Games Completes $9.5 Million Series A Round to Fund Its Mobile Gaming Platform and Payment Engine

INK Games

InfluenceInk™, Inc., parent of INK Games™, has announced the closing of its $9.5 million Series A fundraising round. The proceeds are funding development of the INK Platform™, including IP development, mobile game content development, talent acquisition, and platform deployment.

The INK Games Platform will create the future of how players participate in the leisure economy by allowing them, for the first time ever, to track and monetize their global connectivity and viral reach - in perpetuity.  

The INK Platform allows creators, influencers, players, in fact anyone with a smartphone, to earn revenue and get paid for their following, right from their phone. For influencers, this means no more one-time payments from brands, no more turning one's entire following over to brands through one-off campaigns. "It's our vision to connect the world through INK IDs (user handles), and pay all users on the revenues that flow through their global connectivity, day-in and day-out … perpetually," said CEO Robert Towles.

Core to the INK Platform is the Company's proprietary payment and tracking engine, which dynamically maps each user's global viral audience, algorithmically converts platform engagement into an Impact Score, then pays users perpetually on their score. "This is a big moment for the gaming industry. This proprietary technology is sorely needed as we transition into a new era of community economics in gaming," said Towles.

An award-winning group of gaming visionaries and development experts from EA, Zynga, SciPlay, and Buffalo Studios, the INK Games team has a track record of scaling mass-market franchises and achieving exceptional outcomes for investors and shareholders. The team has made significant technological advances in developing the INK platform, which will shift power from major marketing gatekeepers back to creators, influencers, players, and game developers.

The first and flagship title to utilize the INK Platform, Prize Kingdoms™, is being developed in-house by the Company utilizing its deep design expertise and suite of world-class technologies. This will be the first of many titles to supercharge its audience growth on the INK Platform, as the Company is in parallel developing an SDK to enable third-party developers to harness the INK engine to grow their own titles organically.

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