Infrastructure Improvements Key to Reducing Accidents

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Bridges and highways are the backbone of the United States. Every day, millions of trucks and cars take to the nation's roads as they make their way to work, school, and the store. For commercial truck drivers who spend the majority of their time traveling across these bridges and down these roads, it is imperative that they be kept in good repair. A well-maintained road increases the efficiency of vehicles and improves safety.

In the past ten years, the US Congress has passed a series of stop gap legislation to maintain these roads and bridges. None of these have lasted longer than two years. The most recent bill is set to expire on October 29th, and Congress has still not agreed to authorize a longer-term solution that would ensure a federal commitment to repairing roads and bridges that are crumbling beneath the wheels of an increasing level of commerce.

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Regarding the need for a long-term solution to improve the nation's infrastructure, Chicago truck accident lawyer John Power stated,"69% of all goods sold in the United States are carried by commercial truck drivers to their point of sale. It is critical for Congress to ensure that the nation's aging infrastructure is repaired so that truck drivers can perform this critical job safely and efficiently. Legislators must take action soon as poorly maintained roads are frequently cited as either a direct, or contributing cause of truck related accidents."

Recognizing the importance of well-maintained roads, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is urging his fellow congressmen for a six-year extension to the Federal Transportation Bill. The United States currently spends roughly $34 billion for infrastructure expansion and maintenance; however, this is $16 billion short of the amount that is required. Echoing McCarthy's position, former US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood from Peoria is recommending the legislation be sent to the floor with a minimum funding level of $500 billion over the next 6 years.

"There are currently 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States. Building, repairing, and maintaining safe roads that are sufficient for America's growing transportation needs is crucial for the economy and ensuring and the safety of every driver on the road," stated Chicago truck accident lawyer John Power.