Influence Of Same-Sex Marriage Acceptance On Immigration Law

Same sex- marriage has always been a point of concern for those supporting it and more so for the immigrants.

Same sex- marriage has always been a point of concern for those supporting it and more so for the immigrants. Lot of bi-national couples engaged in same-sex marriage has faced severe problems from leaving separately to leaving their own country permanently due to these legal problems.

Same-Sex Marriages To Get Legal Status
The immigration law of United States until recently was against giving legal status to the same-sex couple. However, the ruling from The Supreme Court on 26 June 2013, in the United States v. Windsor case, has changed lot many things. The decision approves the same-sex marriage and from now on marriages between same-sex couples will be considered legal at the federal level. This decision is directly going to affect the same-sex marriage status of the immigrants. The new ruling gives an individual the right to sponsor his same sex spouse or partner for the green card, receiving American Citizenship and for immigrating to America.

Invalidation Of Defense Marriage Act
Surprisingly just two months back, Sen. Patrick Leahy was pressurized to take back an amendment from the reforming Senate immigration bill. Acceptance of that amendment would have made it possible for the U.S. citizens to sponsor their same-sex spouses to apply for the U.S. Citizenship or green card. Somehow, this new ruling has just paved the way for similar facilities for the same-sex immigrants. This has made the Defense Marriage Act that denied the legal status and federal benefits of protection to the same sex-couples invalid.

What Will The Same-Sex Couples Gain?
This recent ruling from the court means that the same-sex couples can live together and the law will recognize them as married couple. This will also end the deportation of same-sex spouses from the country as they can receive sponsorship from their same-sexed partner. Thousands of people are going to benefit from this new ruling by The Supreme Court of US.

Now, it is up to the Department of Homeland Security to take a broad stand and allow even the refugees to file petition that can make their same-sex spouses come to America. Proponents of this new decision are of the opinion that the Congress should also become generous and provide federal protection and benefits to the same-sex couples. In addition, the immigration authorities should broaden their view and make sure that these couples are given same treatment under the immigration law.
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