Inflectra Gains Popularity With Its Comprehensive Alm Solutions

Inflectra, the well-known software company offering software solutions, recently got rave reviews for its comprehensive application lifecycle management system.

Inflectra, the well-known software company offering software solutions, recently got rave reviews for its comprehensive application lifecycle management system. Government agencies, individual developers, large corporations, professional firms, and small businesses, everybody uses Inflectra software solutions at one time or another. Their ALM processes are completely in keeping with the exact needs of different organizations and this has led to their high popularity and expansive applications. The high popularity of the companies stems from the fact that they offer affordable and effective business process solutions that integrate seamlessly to deliver results.

Inflectra deals with all aspects of ALM including requirements management software and management tool developments. They offer project management, collaboration, and quality assurance related to ALM processes. Project management involves development of user stories and requirements and their decomposition in detail tasks for achieving successful resource tracking. Scheduling and prioritizing requirements for every iteration and release, assignment of incidents, requirements, and tasks, tracking of enhancements, bugs, issues, and risks are other functions.

Quality assurance related to ALM procedures involves creation, editing, and execution of various test cases. Map tests for coverage tracking, assignment, and creation of test sets related to management of test execution, along with automated testing, and manual management and other aspects. The company also deals with requirements management tools, collaboration between customizable reporting and personalized dashboard besides a wide range of related solutions for the various ALM processes.

With so much on offer, the recent achievements of Inflectra in development and implementation of ALM tools and functions does not come as a surprise. Even then, there is a high mood of jubilation at the company where those associated consider it as recognition of their continued endeavor towards excellence. In the coming times, one can hope for similar achievements from this high quality ALM solution provider. However, for now one needs to wait and watch.

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Inflectra is a privately held software company dedicated to helping its customers - large corporations, small businesses, professional services firms, government agencies and individual developers - with the means to effectively and affordably manage their software development lifecycles as well as software quality assurance testing requirements, so as to decrease the time to market and increase return on investment. They are headquartered in the growing technology community of Silver Spring, Maryland located just outside Washington, D.C.

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