Infinity Power Unveils Highest Efficiency Atomic Battery

Highly Efficient, Scalable & Mass-Producible Radioisotope Power Sources May Start New Chapter in Groundbreaking Energy Storage Solution History

Infinity Power Packed Device

With strong support from the U.S. Department of Defense, Infinity Power in San Diego County in California has successfully developed an incredibly efficient and long-lasting atomic cell harvesting decay energy from radioisotopes. It has been proven that about 62% of total efficiency is achieved. It represents the highest level of efficiency ever attained for radioisotope energy conversion technologies. This indicates great promise for the impending release of next-generation radioisotope power sources on the market. 

This is a truly amazing breakthrough accomplishment made possible by entirely new approaches. The innovative electrochemical energy conversion from radioisotope dissolved electrolytes forms the core of Infinity Power's technology as opposed to the conventional solid-state semiconductor junctions used in other converters. “A liquid form of radioisotopes creates a wide, more effective channel for the collection of electrons, which leads to a high conversion efficiency,” said Jae W. Kwon, founder and CEO of Infinity Power LLC. Advanced packaging designs are also being developed to ensure ample shielding and no leakage. 

Numerous modern systems such as robots, medical devices, mobile gadgets, etc., are powered by portable power sources. However, many important missions are inevitably interrupted or shortened due to routine refueling and recharging procedures although continuous operations are desired. Infinity Power has demonstrated a workable fix. Integrated radioisotopes are an attractive alternative for many applications because they can provide an ample amount of electricity for extended periods of time without the need to search for energy from external power sources.

It is incredible that this tiny coin-cell-style device can generate tens of milliwatts of power for many decades by tweaking key design parameters. Furthermore, this technology's exceptional scalability allows for a broad power generation spectrum, spanning from nanowatts to kilowatts or more. Its superior efficiency also means that, in comparison to other conversion methods, it can produce more power using less radioisotope. In addition, it has a far wider range of radioisotope selection than other technologies that only allow for restricted selection.

Its scalable design and mass producibility will enable quick market adoption for many niche applications including implantable medical devices, deep-sea power systems, space power systems, remote area power systems, microgrid power systems, etc. 

This achievement is a significant step toward Infinity Power's goal of producing reliable, safe, and dependable radioisotope power sources. “Our objectives are to steer this discovery toward a successful product launch and start a new chapter in groundbreaking energy storage solution history,” stated Kwon. 

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Source: Infinity Power LLC

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