Infinity Distribution Inc. USA to Launch In-Vitro 'Instant View' Diagnostic Medical Devices Products in the Philippines

Raul Mansueto, chief executive officer of Infinity Distribution Inc. and  Dr. Naishu Wang, chairman, and Chai Bunyagidj, CEO and president, of Alfa Scientific Design Inc., are proud to announce that General Wellness Research Solutions Co. Inc. will be the exclusive distributor in the Philippines of the “In-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices” produced by Alfa Scientific Design Inc., one of the leading suppliers and producers of medical testing devices in the USA from Poway, California.

Eric Armada, chief executive officer of General Wellness Research Solutions Co. Inc. (GWRS), agreed to the marketing of the medical devices through their dealership outlets in the country starting the first quarter of 2019.

The “Instant View” products brand to be carried by GWRS are namely:

1.  "Urine Multi-Split Screen Cup Test Kit” for drug screening test; and

2.  Fecal iFOB (immunochemical fecal occult blood) Test Kit.

General Wellness Research Solutions Co. Inc. is licensed to operate with an LTO certificate issued by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

GWRS will be introducing and distributing the “Urine Multi-Split Screen Cup Test Kit,” a drug screen test kit using a patented drive flow push button technology, is first in the country and has an impressive competitive edge versus the present urine screen test kits that are available in the Philippine market today. The “Instant View” urine multi-split screen cup test kit can derive a positive or negative drug screen test result of the specimen inside the cup within a time window of four to seven seconds, along with a temperature reading to indicate that the specimen is fresh as provided by the subject being tested.

On the other hand, the Fecal iFOB Test Kit, using its patented driven flow technology, identifies human blood in feces and is useful in determining gastrointestinal disorders, such as diverticulitis, colitis, pre-cancerous polyps and colorectal cancer. “Instant View” iFOB requires only a drop of sample solution with the result appearing in one to 10 minutes, demonstrating a five-fold increase in speed in comparison to current standard lateral flow assays. 

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