Infinity Behavioral Health Services Expands the Scope of the Infinity Behavioral Client Network

An exciting opportunity for our clients to maintain a top-level compliance program

Infinity Behavioral Health Services announced another expansion in the scope of the Infinity Behavioral Client Network (IBCN) and its relationships with health insurers, third-party administrators and provider networks. IBCN participants are now eligible to join a first-of-its-kind comprehensive compliance and certification program. In an effort to bridge the familiar gap between healthcare providers and insurers, Infinity’s new program will assist providers in maintaining compliance, increasing patient satisfaction and improving clinical outcomes. By adopting Infinity’s newest service offering, IBCN participants will deservedly qualify to contract directly with major health insurers.

Resulting from a collaborative effort with the Behavioral Health Association of Providers (BHAP), Infinity has created the IBCN certificate. Together, Infinity and BHAP are offering an annual audit that examines the critical aspects of a quality healthcare provider. As a clinician owned and operated business, Infinity recognizes the importance of compliance and routine audits. Max Sirianni, Infinity’s general counsel, says, “BHAP’s involvement assures us that patients are being treated in a safe environment while also lending special attention to specific areas held paramount by major health insurers.”

Infinity has also partnered with the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) to incorporate the use of patient satisfaction surveys. CARF’s uSPEQ tool allows providers to gauge patient satisfaction against nationally benchmarked data. As a crucial component of IBCN’s compliance and certification program, participating providers will have access to patient survey data collected by CARF, an independent, international accreditor of health and human services.

To reduce risk of relapse and improve clinical outcomes, valuable patient discharge planning tools will also be provided to patient populations served by IBCN participants.

“What we are offering is an exciting opportunity for our clients to maintain a top-level compliance program, with all of the programming and development already completed. Our clients will enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are meeting accreditation-level standards at a competitive price available only to IBCN participants,” said Eloy Paez, CEO of Infinity Behavioral Health Services. “This will pay dividends in the long run as health plans and payers are placing a higher value than ever on clinical outcomes and adherence to documented compliance standards.”

Source: Infinity Behavioral Health Services