Infinite Ops™ Announces Infinite Ops Console™ Enabling Workspaces in the Clouds & Beyond

Infinite Ops Console™ is the IT Industry's 1st Offering that Increases Simplicity with Automation & Management of Various Workspaces Solutions on Multiple Clouds

​Infinite Ops™ announced today the launch of Infinite Ops Console™ (“IO Console™”).  This SaaS based cloud platform enables IT service providers, Internal IT departments, telecoms and independent software vendors to effortlessly, quickly and securely deliver various workspace solutions and services on various clouds, that will allow end users to work more efficiently, increase business productivity, remain relevant and agile, as well as connect from anywhere at anytime. The IO Console™ is a single pane of glass platform that seamlessly works with a diverse ecosystem of clouds, workspaces, apps, plugins, and beyond. The IO Console™ allows for minimal technical expertise to use it, making deployment of complex cloud services very simple.

The IO Console™ is built upon four core principles: EASY, QUICK, SECURE, and VERSATILE. The IO Console™ is EASY to use, starting with the 3 step deployment wizard, it takes less than 30 seconds to launch a workspaces deployment on the cloud of your choice. When it comes to speed, each deployment is QUICK, taking ~60 minutes to complete. The IO Console™ and workspaces solutions are completely SECURE using military grade encryption and industry best practices. In the end, the IO Console™ is one of the most VERSATILE offerings the cloud market has ever seen, with multiple cloud options, various workspace deployment templates to choose from, an app store, Active Directory management, and various other features to make this the platform service providers have been wanting for years, and now it is a reality.  

"Infinite Ops™ IO Console™ was created to simplify complex business, cloud, and technical offerings in the IT industry. We are starting with Workspaces in the Clouds, but the sky is the limit with our IO Console™ ".

Michael Fraser, CEO / Founder

Today, global workforce and demanding market forces are impacting the workplace, requiring organizations of all sizes to evolve to meet new and varying challenges.  Service providers and enterprises are searching for better and faster ways to create business value by honing in on delivering a complete mobile workspace where apps, desktops and data services are securely delivered to any user, on any device, over any network and on any infrastructure.  IO Console™ simplifies the creation and delivery of different workspace solution deployments by automating the setup, orchestration and management of secure workspaces for end users, as well as the monitoring and complete management in one console.  IO Console™ is a revolutionary offering in the cloud market, taking the complexity out of delivering options of various workspace solutions on a variety of cloud service providers, including Microsoft® Azure, Google® Cloud Platform, and Amazon® Web Services, all while providing a secure and superior user experience.  IO Console™ give organizations new levels of choice, flexibility, and extensibility.

IO Console™  also has workspace templates integrated with the Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform™, which enables organizations like Infinite Ops™  to build, integrate and deliver workspace solutions and vertical applications based on Teradici’s PCoIP® technology.  Teradici, the developers of the PCoIP protocol, provide the fundamental building blocks for delivering the most secure, simple and seamlessly high-quality cloud experiences.  This integration into workspace templates allows Infinite Ops™ to provide a superior user experience, adding capabilities such as viewing high definition media, using various types of USB peripheral devices like webcams, and being able to access vGPU for apps like AutoCAD.

Infinite Ops™ has a robust and aggressive roadmap with various plugins coming for different software IT service providers use as tools for managing their organizations, including but not limited to: Connectwise®, AutoTask®, & Kaseya®.  On the cloud side, development of integrations with IBM Softlayer®, VMWare®’s vSphere®, and Microsoft® Azure Stack®.  Finally to round out the total offering, Infinite Ops™ is adding development on disaster recovery with a full integration with Storagecraft®’s Recovery Solutions.

Infinite Ops™ is offering a way for IT service providers to remain relevant and efficient in the ever changing evolution of workspaces in the clouds and it aims to deliver exactly what they need for their end users in an agnostic approach. Chris Wiser, Channel Chief for Artisan Infrastructure provided some insight, saying, “Infinite Ops™ new IO Console™ is groundbreaking, unique, a true game changer in cloud. This product is already changing the WaaS/DaaS market even before the first release”. Offering many options for clouds, workspaces, services, apps, features and beyond. This includes an API that can be used to integrate beyond what Infinite Ops™ currently has available or road mapped in the IO Console™.  The sky is the limit when using IO Console™ in the clouds.

About Infinite Ops, Inc.

Infinite Ops™ was founded in 2015, and based out of Seattle, WA. Infinite Ops™ is a progressive cloud software company founded by some of the best minds in cloud. The core founders are the creators of the Infinite Ops™ Console, aka IO Console™.

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