Infillion Launches ShopX, a Better Way for Brands to Deliver Shoppable Video Ads at Scale, Across the Open Web

Infillion's new ad product experience puts consumers in control: opt in to ad, select retailer and add directly to personal cart

Infillion, an advertising platform built for the connected future and Web3, today announced the launch of ShopX — its shoppable advertising product that promises a better way for brands to deliver their message and drive sales at scale across the open web. With the exponential growth of e-commerce and video consumption, publishers and platforms have rushed to intersect these trends through shoppable video ads. Infillion aims to solve these industry challenges by delivering cross-publisher and cross-platform campaign activation, with the significant added benefits of consumer opt-in, creative direction and actionable measurement. 

Infillion's ShopX is a consumer-friendly shoppable video ad that offers its highly engaged audience a way to complete a purchase with a single "add to cart" function via choice of their preferred retailer from within the ad. ShopX is also designed to drive ad viewership through Infillion's opt-in ad experience (meaning a consumer agrees to view the full ad in order to skip additional ads), a true testament of respect for a viewer's time, attention and privacy.

"Infillion is the only media platform that gives consumers the ability to optimize their time, attention and privacy at every point in the user-decision journey," said Christa Carone, president, Infillion Media. "With a tap to opt in to a brand's message and a click to add directly to a retailer's cart, Infillion's ShopX immediately connects the consumer and brand through a frictionless, actionable shopping experience. All transactions should be this easy and respectful of consumers' interests and attention."

For brands/advertisers, ShopX stands apart from its competitors by being scalable, creative and effective. ShopX ads are built for Infillion's premium publisher network, which has a reach of 148 million unique users. In addition, Infillion's ShopX experience includes the benefits of a full-service team to align creative and distribution with campaign objectives, delivering robust data on purchase behaviors. Infillion's proven creative units build on a brand's strategy by delivering the proven interactivity consumers are looking for.

Consumers are viewing programming across more streaming platforms than ever before and they are confronted by interruptive advertising messages (many without frequency capping in place) as a result of more Advertising-Based Video on Demand (AVOD) platforms. According to eMarketer, U.S. CTV annual ad spending will more than double by 2025, soaring past $30 billion. Combined with ecommerce sales expected to reach 23.6% of total retail sales by 2025 (eMarketer), ShopX provides an advertising experience that respects consumers' consent while also providing a frictionless shopping experience within CTV.

"Streaming is changing everything, including the ability for the consumer to define their own experience — which now includes shopping in a few clicks. The future of the open web will require media and adtech to focus on engagement, interactivity and optimization of attention, not on the number of ads that fit into a program. This customer-focused future aligns nicely with advertisers' need for effectiveness over volume and their desire to honor consumers' time, attention and privacy. At Infillion, we're ensuring that, after 70 years of intrusive advertising, every product we own, like TrueX, is built with advertisers' businesses and respect for consumers' attention in mind," added Laurel Rossi, Infillion's chief marketing officer.

Following the merger between TrueX and Gimbal and the rebrand to Infillion, Infillion has been launching new products that allow advertisers to optimize plans across all screens, audiences and consumer journey touchpoints. With ShopX, Infillion gives advertisers the reach they are looking for in a performance-based product via CTV and all platforms. ShopX builds on Infillion's focus to provide the broadest selection of full-funnel media solutions that apply proprietary consumer opt-in experiences and dynamic creative solutions with privacy-first 1P targeting and actionable outcomes for brands.  

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About Infillion

Infillion is an advertising platform built for the connected future and Web3. Working across more than 1,200 brands (such as Amazon, Macy's, Sephora and T-Mobile) and agencies, Infillion provides full-service media solutions that respect and prioritize consumers' time, attention and privacy. Infillion's CTV advertising solutions offer unparalleled scale with premium inventory, unconstrained by walled gardens. The company is devoted to innovating advertising by improving the user experience and providing advertisers and publishers with engaging, interactive ad formats that captivate consumers while respecting their time and providing an opportunity to opt in. Infillion launched in February as the result of Gimbal's acquisition of adtech CTV pioneer true[X] from Disney in late 2020. Both companies have been driving customer engagement with proprietary technology and first-party data since the beginning of marketing's transformation to digital.

Alyssa Kehoe
DiGennaro Communications

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