Infillion Joins The Attention Council to Drive Advanced Ad Measurement

A leader in attention-based advertising, Infillion’s membership in The Attention Council (TAC) will help it expand its pioneering role in making attention-based advertising and measurement a key part of the advertising industry.

Infillion, an advanced media buying platform, announced today that it has joined The Attention Council (TAC), a not-for-profit industry trade group that brings together a combination of ad industry professionals, academics, technology and research firms, and marketers to develop insights around the attention economy and promote the use of attention-based metrics across the media and advertising ecosystem.

As a member of TAC, Infillion will be positioned to bring research and learnings from 15 years of developing and deploying attention-based advertising to a consortium of leaders who can collectively have a major impact on the creation and standardization of new ad formats and metrics. Infillion’s premium advertising product, TrueX, was a first mover in attention-based advertising when it pioneered opt-in, interactive ads for streaming video and CTV; users signal their attention by opting to engage with the ad for a minimum amount of time in exchange for skipping normal commercial breaks. Infillion’s attention-based ads have been honored by the ARF David Ogilvy Awards, Digiday Awards, Webby Awards, and more.

“With our membership in The Attention Council, Infillion will be able to contribute to the growing understanding that there are different types of attention, and that the type of attention that is earned is very different from the type that is simply surrendered by viewers,” said Jamie Auslander, senior vice president of research and analytics at Infillion. “Research shows that the advanced and emerging ad products that respect and value consumers' time, attention, and privacy lead to better outcomes for both publishers and brands, so it’s imperative that we’re a part of the industry-wide conversation.”

TAC was founded in 2019 and counts among its member organizations agencies like OMD, Mediahub, Havas, and Publicis Groupe; brands like Mattel and The Coca-Cola Company; and technology and measurement companies like Snap Inc., TVision, Adelaide, and Yieldmo.

“We’re very excited that Infillion has joined The Attention Council as we further our mission to become the ad industry’s most trusted source for research, expertise and innovation around attention and attention-based metrics,” said Andy Brown, President of The Attention Council. “Their contributions as a longtime leader in this space will be extraordinarily valuable.”

About Infillion

Infillion is an advertising technology and solutions company that has built the most advanced media buying platform in the digital advertising industry — offering CTV, value-exchange products including TrueX, premium rich media and display, live fan experiences, location technology and first-party data via its Gimbal commerce business. Infillion serves brands of any size, publisher partners, and media-buying agencies in the world with campaigns for clients such as Amazon, Microsoft, Bank of America and T-Mobile, and works with more than 200 publishers including A&E, Roku, Audacy and FOX. Infillion's advertising solutions offer unparalleled engagement and scale, premium inventory, award-winning creative and superior targeting and measurement, all unconstrained by walled gardens. Infillion's mission is to advance the $700 billion digital advertising industry by improving user experiences and by providing high-attention ad formats and services that respect consumers' time, attention and privacy.

About The Attention Council

The Attention Council promotes the use of attention metrics to create incentives that align all stakeholders in the media and advertising ecosystem. Research from TAC has proven that low-clutter, high-attention, and consumer-friendly experiences deliver the most effective impact for brands. The Council brings together a combination of ad industry professionals, academics, technology vendors, and marketers to form thought-leadership around the attention economy. For more information, visit

Source: Infillion