Infillion Acquires Market Research Platform Phonic

With Phonic, Infillion Offers Innovative Consumer Research, AI-Powered Analysis

Infillion has acquired Phonic, a global market research platform designed to build voice and video surveys, analyze insights, and create media-enabled research for its partners. Phonic uses AI to accelerate analysis of the data it collects and works with an impressive list of enterprise and academic clients.

"Phonic is thrilled to join Infillion and its impressive team," said David Ferris, Co-Founder and CEO of Phonic. "Being part of a premier, customer-focused tech company allows us to leverage Infillion's industry expertise, existing relationships, and resources to accelerate product development and expand our footprint." 

Phonic, founded in 2020 by Ferris and Mitchell Catoen, Silicon Valley engineers, is focused on using artificial intelligence to blend quantitative and qualitative research to deliver better consumer insights. Phonic delivers highly accurate consumer sentiment and measurement solutions to advertisers for analytic and attribution purposes.

"Customer insights are essential for brands that want to understand and engage key audiences," said Rob Emrich, founder and Executive Chair, Infillion. "Phonic's research platform, designed to capture unstructured data including voice and video, expands Infillion's measurement solutions with deeper, more real human sentiment and data."

The acquisition of Phonic follows Infillion's acquisition of data company last fall.   

About Phonic

Phonic lets businesses and researchers collect and understand voice and video feedback at scale. Microphone and recorders can be embedded anywhere, enabling low-friction, verbalized feedback. This feedback is then transcribed and analyzed with state-of-the-art analytics.

Phonic launched in 2020 out of Y Combinator. They are used by researchers at top universities and F500 insights teams alike and have processed millions of responses in dozens of languages all over the world.
About Infillion

Infillion is an advertising platform built for the connected future and Web3. Working across more than 1,200 brands, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Bank of America and T-Mobile and all major agencies and holding companies, Infillion provides full-service media solutions that respect and prioritize consumers' time, attention and privacy. Infillion's CTV advertising solutions offer unparalleled scale with premium inventory, unconstrained by walled gardens. The company is devoted to innovating advertising by improving the user experience and providing advertisers and publishers with engaging, interactive ad formats that captivate consumers while respecting their time and providing an opportunity to opt in. Infillion launched in February as the result of Gimbal's acquisition of adtech CTV pioneer true[X] from Disney in late 2020. Both companies have been driving customer engagement with proprietary technology and first-party data since the beginning of marketing's transformation to digital.

Source: Infillion