Infervision's AI is in Italy Helping to Battle COVID-19

Within 12 hours the Coronavirus AI system was delivered to the hospital, and is now functional

COVID-19 is spreading, with European countries already declaring a pandemic. The World Health Organization has declared Europe as the new 'epicenter' for COVID-19. Italy announced a full lock-down on March 10. Due to the spreading of COVID-19, Italian medical institutions are facing tremendous pressure as patient numbers surge. Meanwhile, issues over long turnaround times for PCT testing and limited availabilities of the kit are concerning. Using CT images will help with the screening of COVID-19.

Infervision’s Coronavirus AI system was co-developed by Wuhan Tongji Hospital, using the COVID-19 cases in Wuhan for model training. The system was born in the epicenter of COVID-19 and will help the rest of the world. Infervision also collaborated with several other hospitals, including the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University.

The Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital (UCBM) reached out to Infervision Europe and installed the Coronavirus AI system. For the pandemic, UCBM is identifying potential COVID-19 patients quickly and minimizing the chance of cross-infections. The screening and early diagnosis of the COVID-19 patients are becoming a priority and Infervision Europe responded to this request quickly and prepared an implementation plan.

“We must be there. Our Coronavirus AI system was born with real clinical experiences of COVID-19 in Wuhan, which could be highly valuable to medical professionals in Italy to save more lives,” said Sun Yipeng, the head of Infervision Europe. Within 12 hours the Coronavirus AI system was delivered to the hospital on March 16, and the system is now functional.

According to Mr. Yipeng, the InferReadTM AI solution for coronavirus has great practical value to the medical institutions in Europe and beyond. When detecting potential COVID-19 cases from CT images, the system immediately prompts the doctor, enabling clinicians to direct the patient for further procedures quickly, and helps lower the risk of further virus spread. The doctors can also accurately chart the patient’s condition and develop a customized treatment plan.

About UCBM

The UCBM was founded in 1991 as one of the most modern medical schools in Italy. Its affiliated hospital was established in 1994 and is located in Rome. The hospital has over 300 beds, 9 ICUs, and 11 surgical units. Its radiology department is equipped with highly advanced CT scanners and play an important role in clinical, academic, and research fields.

About Infervision

Since 2015, Infervision has been devoted to the clinical application of AI and deep learning technologies in medicine. Infervision provides AI-based systems that fully integrate with existing workflow for efficient use. Doctors in over nine countries around the world are using Infervision’s highly precise and efficient tools, providing improved clinical insights. Infervision has over 300 employees worldwide dedicated to medical imaging AI technology, and its products are in use in Asia, Europe, and North America. Each day Infervision helps process over 53,000 exams, and to-date 15M+ exams have been processed.

Infervision Europe Contact:

Name: Sun Yipeng



Source: Infervision Europe