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Infervision launches the Coronavirus AI solution to help clinicians win the battle

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​Since January 2020, the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak at Wuhan, China has attracted a great deal of attention from all parties in China. Everyone from Wuhan city, along with the rest of the country and world, have joined the battle to fight the Coronavirus. Currently, there are 17,205 cases of confirmed diagnosis of Coronavirus in China and 21,558 suspected cases waiting for final diagnosis. Wuhan is the epicenter, which has put an enormous amount of pressure on the local healthcare system. Working alongside, Infervision’s scientists and engineering teams have successfully launched the Coronavirus AI solution; specially tailored for front-line use to help clinicians detect and monitor the disease efficiently and effectively.

Infervision’s Coronavirus AI solution has been in use at the center of the epidemic outbreak at Tongji Hospital in Wuhan (Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science & Technology), along with sites in other cities such as the Third People’s Hospital of Shenzhen in Shenzhen city. Infervision’s Coronavirus AI solution is accelerating pneumonia diagnosis and epidemic monitoring efforts. The outbreak has put significant pressure on imaging departments, which are now reading over a thousand cases a day. Patients and clinicians typically have to wait a few hours to get the CT results, but Infervision AI is improving the CT diagnosis speed for each case; and each minute saved is critical to decrease the chance of cross-contamination at the hospital.

The surging number of patients needing diagnosis and the strict laboratory requirements for the use of the rRT-PCR detection kit, to confirm the 2019-nCoV diagnosis, pose big challenges to regional and rural hospitals. Infervision’s tools are helping sites with limited medical resources to immediately screen out suspected Coronavirus-infected patients for further diagnosis and treatment.

While physicians are working day and night, Infervision AI is helping manage the process efficiently; assisting with pneumonia marking, abnormal and severe case analysis, patient triage, medical resources coordination, prior case comparisons and treatment assessments.

The World Health Organization has given very positive comments regarding China’s quick reaction and information transparency regarding this outbreak and voiced great confidence in China’s efforts in dealing with this public health event. The battle against this epidemic is one being fought by all clinicians and countries, and Infervision is fully committed to support these efforts, wherever needed, and aspires to “Use the most advanced technology to serve the most fundamental needs.”

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