Inedo Has Released ProGet 5.0 the Newest Version of Their Application and Component Packager

ProGet 5.0's new design and features make it the most developed application and component tool available.

The 5.0 release of ProGet, Inedo’s application and component packager, introduces a complete software redesign as well as new features.

ProGet allows its users to host and manage personal or enterprise-wide package feeds. Feed management has been made easier with the complete user interface redesign to make the software more responsive, intuitive, and easier to use.

ProGet 5.0 has also expanded its feed types to include a new type for semantic versioning 2.0. All other feeds like npm, Ruby, Bower, Maven, Chocolatey, Docker, and more have been maintained.

Webhooks have been enabled in ProGet 5.0 to allow ProGet to connect to other outside services like chat tools, email, and IT Service Managers.

 “We are really excited about ProGet 5.0.” reports Alex Papadimoulis, Inedo Founder and CEO “Some of the features we’ve added in this major release are the direct result of working with our users to find out exactly what they wanted and needed. We know there will be a lot of happy ProGet users once they see 5.0!”

With high-availability, load-balancing, and multi-site replication, ProGet can centralize your organization’s software applications and components to provide uniform access to developers and servers, no matter where they are in your network.

Please see the ProGet 5.0 release notes on for a full listing of new features and improvements.

About Inedo 
Inedo was founded in 2007 to provide consulting and professional services within the software community. During this period they came to see a need for a web based agile release automation suite. In 2008 they began work on BuildMaster, and today they also offer ProGet, Romp, Otter, and Hedgehog tools that are widely used and widely trusted. Learn more about Inedo at, and by following @inedo on Twitter.

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